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Programs for landscape design: our recommendations

Programs for landscape design: our recommendations

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You will probably enjoy working in the program “Our Garden Crystal 10.0”, which has an interface in Russian and is not difficult to learn. The creators of the program along with the design capabilities included in it an extensive encyclopedia of plants, which will be very useful for summer residents. In the visual aspect, the program pleasantly surprises with the high quality of 3D models, the number of which has been significantly increased since the last version.

The program provides many opportunities for convenient creation and editing of landscape projects, and their subsequent presentation in the form of videos. For a more detailed description, see the site - / programmi-dlya-sozdaniya-landshafta / nash-sad-kristall-10-0

I would like to recommend another high-quality program, in which you can deal not only with landscape design, but also with the interior planning in an apartment or house. It is called FloorPlan 3D and it is comfortable for both a professional designer and people who want to model their summer cottage with their own hands.

The program makes it possible in three-dimensional space to carry out any movement of objects and get any angle. Most importantly, these features are easily implemented using convenient tools.

It is difficult to list even everything that can be done in this program, but a brief listing can be found on the site - / programmi-dlya-sozdaniya-landshafta / programma-floorplan-3d-12-versiya-deluxe-dlya-landshaftnogo-dizayna

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