Features of repair of country wells

Features of repair of country wells

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Do-it-yourself well repair is of interest to almost all summer residents. If you make the well correctly, it will last more than one decade, but even the most reliable devices fail, so it is important to know how to solve the problem in advance. When carrying out repair work, do not forget about the safety rope! Its length should be approximately 2 m greater than the depth of the well.

Most common damage

The well is dry

Often, a well needs to be repaired due to drying out. A harbinger of the problem is a gradual drop in the water level in the well - if there is such a trend, the well will soon dry completely.

The best option in this case is to call professionals. They will accurately determine why the breakdown occurred, an estimate for the work will be drawn up, the amount will be calculated.

The cause of the problem may vary. Typically, it is as follows:

  • There is a need to replace the casing, but this is problematic due to the fact that it is sandwiched.
  • The casing is rotten, through it sand enters the well, drowning the water core.
  • There is a need to deepen the well.

Well deepening and cleaning

To fix the well in the country should go down to it. If there is a collapse of soil with stones due to a failed casing, stones must be removed.

Next, the search for the aquifer. If you see cracks through which water seeps, this is it. It is recommended that you take a crowbar and try to help the water break through.

When there is a lot of moisture in the well, you can install a pump that transports fluid for the home. It remains only to put a new casing.

How to make and put a new casing

To put a new casing on the well in the country, you will need stainless steel sheets - five pieces. The height of the casing should be 3 m, the diameter should be 0.7 m. First of all, a product 2 m high is assembled from three sheets, then a meter section made of the remaining sheets is fixed. Mounting is carried out on nuts, bolts, washers.

After making the casing, it can be lowered into the well rings. Water is pumped out, and sand is removed from the bottom of the structure. Act in this case have two. One person descends to the bottom of the well to adjust the casing as necessary. The second remains upstairs.

After laying the casing at the bottom of the ring, a filter mesh is placed on it. It is pressed tightly with granite stones with a fraction size of 60 mm.

How to pump a well

Often, repairing wells involves pumping them to get rid of sand and other impurities. To solve the problem, you need to install a mechanical cleaning filter, which should be cleaned with a frequency of seven days. After 30 days, you can notice that the water in the country again returned to normal.

Other problems and their solution

  1. At wooden wells, the part that is located above the ground often fails. If a trouble has occurred, the aboveground part is disassembled so that no debris enters the water, and is collected again. If the rings located underground are made of thick logs, the aboveground part can be made of brick and plastered.
  2. In the event that the underground rings are dilapidated, they are strengthened with the help of boards. At the same time, the boards are fixed vertically on the walls of the well, and then are strengthened by bars arranged horizontally. Wells are first repaired in their upper part, then water is pumped out and the lower part is strengthened.
  3. Well repair is also required due to groundwater entering the well. In this case, the slots located where the junction of one ring with another is located are cleaned to a depth of 10 cm and clogged with clay 5 cm. Clay must be well compacted into rings, and then cemented.

Well Deepening Technology

Features of repairing sewer wells

Performance problems may occur at the sewer well in the country. In this case, it is recommended to call for help from specialists who:

  • examine the well
  • clean the well of dirt,
  • inspect the rings and pipes of the sewer structure for cracks,
  • check the waterproofing.

Then an estimate will be made, work will be done. You can repair your sewer well in the country yourself, but only if you have special skills and equipment.

We also offer you to find out how to make your own sewer at the cottage.

Pipe repair: partial or full

In case of partial repair of the ring or other parts of the well, an estimate is prepared for the work, depending on the type of defect. The presence of one problem may entail a number of others. For example, changes in the well can lead to contamination of the pipeline, its partial or complete destruction, environmental pollution. Partial repair work is aimed at restoring the system.

During the overhaul, the estimate is also calculated, but in this case the whole well, or rather its parts — the hatch, tray, neck and others — will have to be changed. If the structure was made of PVC, it will be much easier to replace it. The foundation for the new well should be new, and the sewer network should stop functioning for the duration of the operation. To accomplish this, special plugs are used. If it is not possible to stop the system, a temporary sewage section should be performed, which is removed at the end of the work.

Upon completion of work with sewer wells, soil should be restored. The restoration of concrete screed, asphalt is also underway, a substrate of sand and gravel is being made.

Well repair and joint waterproofing

Repair of a well is most often required in order to deepen the well or because of failure of the seams. If initially low-quality materials were used during construction, long-term operation can also be forgotten. You can carry out repairs to bring the system into working condition with your own hands, but only if you have knowledge about working with cement mortar. In case of serious damage, work is not always possible. In this case, a full replacement of the well is carried out, and the old structure is completely dismantled.

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