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The best varieties of cherry plum for growing in the suburbs

The best varieties of cherry plum for growing in the suburbs

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Almost every person who enjoys juicy and sweet or sour fruits loves to enjoy cherry plum. But in order to grow cherry plum of large sizes and invariably wonderful taste in the country, you need to study the varieties and choose the best for yourself.

Every day we talk about so many fruit trees that can be grown in the country, and if there is a base - apple trees, pears, cherries and plums, then cherry plum is not. It’s a pity, because the fruits of this tree not only have an original taste and a really pleasant aroma, but can also be used for almost any purpose. In the summer you can eat them fresh or cook compotes from them, bake pies based on the pulp or prepare desserts. In the winter period, cherry plum is used in the form of jams and delicious jam, it can be made from jam, grated with sugar and so on. In general, we have one offer for you - if you still do not grow cherry plum in the country, we advise you to choose the really best variety and settle it on your own site. Believe me, soon a young tree will show itself in all its glory and give juicy fruits.

Good varieties of cherry plum for landing in the country in the suburbs

It is not particularly important for which particular region we choose cultural varieties for the Moscow Region, Siberia or the Middle Strip, the main thing is to try to choose the right variety and study its agricultural technology. You see, if you do not take care of the plant, then even the strongest and most resistant species will not give us the expected results.

When choosing, be sure to take into account the climate of the region, soil, terrain, duration of seasons and other parameters that can affect the crop. It will be most correct to choose hybrid varieties of cherry plum or simply adapted to your region.

Naturally, it is better to choose self-fertile varieties, otherwise you will have to plant cherry plum varieties at the cottage or create special conditions for growing a fruit tree. Naturally, it is important to take into account varietal characteristics - taste, fruit size, etc.

Description of the variety of cherry plum Comet

Winter-hardy, easily survives even the coldest winters, of course, with timely and proper care. The Comet bears fruit regularly, and it can be said that it is even very generous.

Requires regular pruning to form and release the crown. Proper care, namely watering and fertilizing the soil in near-stem circles, helps to form fruits of a stable shape and weight. The crop is quite serious, it is shown with fruits up to 40 g rounded and burgundy or purple. The flesh of the fruit is yellow, characteristic of cherry plum flavor with sourness, the bone practically does not separate.

Already by the middle or closer to the end of July, you can harvest, but to preserve the presentation of the fruit, the harvest must be carried out in several stages.

The comet is a self-fertile variety that does not require pollination. The negative side is the degeneration of the quality side - over time, the fruits become smaller, but practically do not change in appearance and taste.

Scythian Gold

Scythian gold is a yellow variety of cherry plum that children like so much. From other varieties, it has some characteristic differences - high winter hardiness and relative resistance to many diseases of the orchard.

Scythian gold shows medium, but more or less stable crops, it will give birth very early, which pleases summer residents, who in the first half of summer can taste fresh aromatic fruits, feed their children and grandchildren, and also make preparations for the winter, while there is still no free time busy with autumn blanks.

The tree can be defined as medium-sized, with a rare, but rather sprawling crown. The gold of the Scythians gives large and good marketable fruits, the weight of which reaches 33-36 g. The color of the fruit is yellow, as well as the flesh, which is characterized by high density and juiciness. The bone of the fetus is large and poorly separated from the pulp of the fetus.

Scythian gold is considered a variety of universal direction, and therefore can be grown in so many regions. The main thing here is to choose the right seedlings from the garden, which is nearby.

Cherry plum

This variety is quite specific, but strangely enough, it grows in very many dachas, because not all of us like the sweetness and very large fruits of cherry plum, some to taste and fruits with sourness, yellowish and smaller. Simply put, this is an almost classical species that for some time was hybridized in special laboratories using free pollination with the Kuban Comet variety.

As a result, we got a really winter-hardy variety that can bear fruit in the second year after planting. Early maturity and high yields are very noticeable advantages of Tsar cherry plum.

But absolutely everything cannot be positive, although we do not consider these indicators to be a minus. We are now talking about the small size of the fruits and their mass, which reaches only 20 g. But it doesn’t matter if the fruits are of high quality, as identical as possible, quite dense and juicy, but also have a pleasant taste and aroma.

Large-fruited General

It grows in warm regions of Ukraine, but can be planted in neighboring countries, in regions with a similar climate. The variety was bred for a long time and under the special supervision of breeders, and this is very noticeable, since there are serious achievements. Firstly, it has a wonderful sweet and sour taste and high density of juicy pulp. Secondly, good yield and serious weight of each individual fruit, up to 60 g. And, thirdly, winter hardiness and high resistance to various rot.

Large, rounded and pleasant burgundy cherry plum fruits General are great for eating raw, but can also be prepared for the winter, in the form of jam or jam.

Choose the best variety from the presented ones, or consider others that are most suitable for the conditions of your region and site.

So, today the following are considered popular varieties: Globe, Kolonovidnaya, President, Traveler, Huck, Amers, Lykhny, Alyonushka, Vizhen, Renklod Ulensa, Stanley, Beloved Mlieva, Pearl, Purple dessert, Sigma, Sarmatica, Purple, Olenka, Nesmeyan , Found, Cleopatra, Flint, Melon, Anastasia.

Experts do not advise choosing one variety for the country garden, because even the most detailed description will not give you a real aroma and a sweet and sour taste at the receptors, and therefore, even the most recognized variety may not be pleasant to you, because it happens. To prevent this from happening and you were not disappointed with the first harvest, we advise you to plant several different species in the garden at once, for example, early and late cherry plum, yellow and burgundy, large and small, sweet or with a specific acidity. Agree, even if all varieties are equally suitable for you, it is better to have a variety of trees on your site than just one species.

Features of the choice of the variety of cherry plum

It is important to follow just a few rules:

  • Be sure to choose a strong and adapted seedling of the variety that is most suitable for the growing region and for you personally according to the description;
  • Try to choose early varieties so that in a year or two you can taste the fruits from the tree you planted;
  • Learn the agricultural technology of the variety and be sure to apply it to the cultivation from the first days;
  • Do not forget about the soil on the site, the duration of the warm season, the general climate and other conditions under which you choose a seedling. Be careful, because many may not take root even with the most scrupulous care;
  • When choosing seedlings, be sure to specify whether this variety is self-fertile or pollinated, since in the second case you will also need to take care of pollination to get a good crop.

Varietal variety of cherry plum for growing in the country (video)

Varieties of cherry plum are very diverse and can satisfy any choice, but because here everything depends only on you and personal preferences.

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