How to build a porch for a country or country house

How to build a porch for a country or country house

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The entrance to the house and the porch should always be in the best condition, and the reason for this is not only the originality of the facade of the building, but also safety. Each of us is able to build a beautiful, reliable and completely safe porch on our own.

Porch of a private country house, cottage or just a summer residence, It must be very high quality and reliable, because every day it experiences a certain load, abrasion and a lot of atmospheric phenomena. How to build a porch to the house and what material to choose for this, read in our special review material.

Porch design of a country house

Design largely depends on the construction and landscape design of the surrounding area. You can choose a wooden, forged, metal, concrete option, depending on the style and other requirements. It is very desirable to bring the material of manufacture, as well as the subsequent design design to the type of construction, because the iron porch at the wooden house from the log house will not look very good, although forged or wooden with forging elements is ideal. Also, the wooden porch is not particularly suitable for a stone or brick house, but concrete or with stone trim is just fine.

Private house porch design should be combined to the maximum with other buildings, their thresholds, the general design of buildings. If this is ordinary, simply to say, our summer house, where we grow vegetables and fruits and sometimes relax in the evenings, it will be enough to work on reliability and durability and build a threshold of concrete. If you became the happy owner of an elite suburban mansion of several floors, then here you will need to take into account a lot, starting with the production material and ending with the shade of the railing.

Porch by type of structure

Having extensive experience in the summer cottage business and serious knowledge in construction, we recommend, but do not convince you, and therefore we advise you to simply listen to ideas and study our proposals regarding the choice of a porch for a particular building. In this section of the article we want to offer the entrance porch of the house, or rather, its options for different types of buildings.

Option for a private brick house

Here the situation itself tells you to build on the brick, but not only because the house is brick and you can save money by using the remnants of brick after construction to build the threshold, but also because of the design. The brick fits well into the overall design, is beautiful and serves, if you make neat and high-quality masonry.

An excellent option would be the threshold of concrete, flooded in several approaches. After pouring and light exterior decoration, you can proceed to the decorative design. It is at this moment that the concrete structure can become stone, brick, covered with tiles or some other interesting material, because much can be glued to the surface of concrete.

Do-it-yourself porch of a wooden house

Here you can definitely work on your own, because the tree is easily amenable to skillful and fast-moving people, especially since it is high-quality wood that is best suited to create the threshold of a wooden dwelling. This can be an ordinary log with decorative finishes, firing and varnishing, or it can be forged wood, which will add some weight to the construction of antiquity and classics.

Economy class for an inexpensive country house

Honestly, many of us simply do not have time to engage in serious landscaping and imposing decoration, which takes a lot of time and increases waste. We just need a reliable and durable porch that will not let us stumble at the entrance to the house, or, in general, God forbid, fall. In addition, I would very much like to meet a small amount and do it on my own. This is real if you use brick, metal, reinforcement and concrete. In more detail about the creation of such a threshold for the house, we will talk a little later.

Material for creating a porch in the country

As we said earlier, the material can be selected almost any of the general construction, if only it would suit you according to the requirements of quality and reliability, as well as combined with a residential building.

Thus, concrete, stone, brick are suitable for creating a threshold.

As consumables - fittings for fastening and dressing, roofing material for waterproofing, cement mortar, as a binder, gravel, sand or glass fillings.

For finishing the construction, drying oil, wood stain and varnish for wood, artificial or natural stone, as well as ceramic tiles for concrete, are excellent. For brick, you can choose the same materials as for concrete.

Naturally, we did not indicate all the materials, consumables and finishes, but only a part, because a lot still did not get on the list.

How to build a porch with your own hands

Until recently, we talked about the fact that not every one of us owns an expensive cottage outside the city, and therefore we are interested in saving money and managing our own resources rather than giving fabulous money to masters. On this occasion, we decided today to give preference to an inexpensive threshold. This will not be the simplest construction, but about the average option, that is, the logical correspondence of price and quality.

The entrance porch will be built on the basis of a simple foundation, well reinforced with reinforcement and poured in several stages with cement mortar. Naturally, the construction can always be finished with stone, granite, tiles and so on, but initially we had more rough work.

Preparatory work

Any construction begins with marking the place and clearing it, so that it is more convenient to work further. The necessary material and tools, reinforcement, sand and cement are purchased, everything is prepared next to the scene, and only after this the erection of the porch begins.

Laying the foundation

Naturally, the construction of the porch begins with pouring the foundation, but here it’s not enough just to dig a pit, fill a pillow of sand and gravel and pour concrete, installing the formwork.

So that in the next few years you do not have to do the repair of the porch, pour it and cover the cracks, you must completely follow the requirements.

First of all, it is necessary to dig a foundation pit, the depth of which will correspond to the depth of the foundation of the house. Thus, we will be able to bandage them into a single structure, thereby protecting against premature destruction. The remaining threshold parameters can be chosen at your own discretion.

When the pit is ready, we build the foundation foundation. To do this, we need a broken brick, on which we will install a grid of ribbed reinforcement, which we need to strengthen the foundation and dress the foundations of the house and porch. In addition, we will need to remove the reinforcement from the foundation of the structure along which our threshold will be poured. Having received the finished “floor” under the base, we drive vertical reinforcement pins into it, and fill everything with high-quality cement mortar.

Base design

We can say that the foundation foundation is flooded, now it is necessary to correctly build the foundation of the porch of a residential building. To do this, we will use a clutch brick, with which we will lay out the site of the required size.

The base requires high-quality waterproofing, because excess moisture can quickly destroy the brick, and then the work can be considered in vain.

The waterproofing is carried out horizontal and vertical, the base is cut off from the porch, the entire base of our structure is covered with aquazole or a double layer of roofing material. Do not save on this part of the work, because it is extremely important.

Porch steps masonry

Now we proceed to the laying of stairs, for which it is necessary to prepare high-quality brick, preferably new, and not used. You can use almost any type of brick, you can even take a cobblestone, but then very carefully decorated with a special finish.

Masonry takes place on a standard solution in a way convenient for you, because it is you who determine the size of the steps and the entire threshold.

Finishing and decoration of the extension

  • The main thing for us is reliability, quality, durability, ease of use and, of course, the beauty of the design. That is why we need the skillful decoration of the porch of the house.
  • To ensure the durability of the structure, the thresholds can be finished with a metal corner, by making overlays on the edges of the steps and connecting all of them together by welding. This will not allow the threshold to be beaten off and will retain the structure for a longer period.
  • Reliability is also provided by the high-quality waterproofing on the porch of a private house, so try not to forget about its laying and carry out the process correctly.
  • If you are thinking about how to make a porch beautiful, choose a high-quality finish in the form of natural or artificial stone, ceramic cladding.
  • If you want to increase the overall convenience, then you can install the railing, visor and so on, provide this area with lighting.

When choosing a wrought-iron porch, wooden or concrete, you should think not only about beauty, but also about increasing the operating life, and therefore choose not just a nice finish, but also materials with protective qualities.

With a small budget, an inexpensive porch of a country house can be left without expensive finishes, simply treated with high quality waterproofing and plaster.

How to build a porch of a country house (video)

DIY do-it-yourself porch it is possible near any country house, it is important only to understand its purpose and put forward the relevant requirements for this. If everything is done correctly, using professional projects or simply working with the soul according to your own plan, you will succeed and will soon repair or completely replace the porch of the country house. We recommend that you learn how to sheathe the porch with insulation.

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