Sleeping on the hives

Sleeping on the hives

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Sleeping on hives in apidomics is, although not entirely common, but quite an effective method, which includes apitherapy. Famous people willingly resort to it: artists, politicians, businessmen. The developers of this treatment believe that sleeping on bees in apidomics can not only cope with depressive conditions, but also help in the fight against cardiovascular and even oncological diseases.

Why sleep on bees is useful

Apidomics for medical sleep on bees are installed away from highways and industrial enterprises. The fact that sleeping on hives brings health benefits has been known to people since ancient times, because mankind has been breeding bees for more than one century.

Later, already in our days, scientists conducted research and it was proved that it is the sound and vibrations emanating from hives with bees that have a beneficial effect on a person. Scientists called this method bioresonance apitherapy.

Apidomics treatment for bees

The therapeutic effect during sleep occurs due to the microvibrations created by the bees, as well as due to the fact that the air around the hives is filled with ions that kill pathogenic microbes.

Apidomic for sleeping on bees can help fight diseases such as:

  • hypertension - due to improved blood circulation, blood pressure is normalized;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pulmonary diseases - during sleep in apidomics, the bronchi are cleared, breathing facilitated, and the bronchodilator system as a whole improved;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system - patients note the stabilization of metabolic processes, improved digestion;
  • recovery in the postoperative period is accelerated;
  • disorders of the genitourinary and reproductive functions, especially in women - strengthens women's health and can even get rid of infertility;
  • helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis in the elderly, significantly alleviates the condition in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases;
  • depressions and disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system disappear, because a person hears the soothing hum of bees in the hives;
  • the risk of malignant neoplasms and tuberculosis is reduced;
  • the function of the human immune system is stabilized, which makes it possible to reduce the incidence of colds and flu.

As with any therapy, sleep treatment in apidomics has its own prohibitions. These include allergic reactions to bee products, as well as all kinds of mental illnesses.

Important! Before starting apitherapy, consult your doctor.

Experts recommend a course of treatment with sleeping on hives for maximum effect. The optimal number of sessions will be at least 15.

Sleeping on hives: building houses

In order for the patient to feel comfortable during therapy, and at the same time not disturb the vital activity of the bees, two methods of carrying out the procedures have been invented. In the first case, a special room is built - a small apidomik with a bed for sleeping and hives under it.

Another involves the construction of a sunbed directly on the hives. In order to achieve the greatest therapeutic effect, it is advisable to observe certain conditions:

  1. It is better to take a tree for the construction of an apidomik of conifers.
  2. Windows are placed in two walls.
  3. The roof is insulated and covered with metal tiles.
  4. The hives are placed one next to the other and covered with a net on top.
  5. On top of the mesh, special wooden panels are placed with slots arranged in them, through which healing air enters the sleeping room.
  6. From the outside, they make entrances for the bees so that they can get into their hives.

Entering such an apidomic, people find themselves in a special atmosphere filled with the soothing sounds of buzzing bees and the aromas of field grasses and flowers that they bring along with pollen. In such houses, ideal conditions are created for medical sleep on bees.

The second option involves installing a sunbed directly on the hives in the open air. To build such a structure you will need:

  1. 3 - 4 hives.
  2. Around them a wooden box is knocked down, in which bee entrances are arranged.
  3. The box is covered with a lid with holes.
  4. Lounger with pillow.
  5. Small ladder for the patient to get inside.

In this case, sleep takes place in the open air, so in cool weather such procedures can cause discomfort, and the bees are less active.

Apitherapy sessions are usually held from late March to early September.

Important! Despite the fact that the wooden plank bed on the hives is quite hard, it is not recommended to put any bedding on it, so that the patient can feel the therapeutic microvibrations of the bees to the full.

How to make an apidomik with your own hands

You can build a house for sleeping on bees on your own. It is better to choose a place for construction near fruit trees or shrubs, away from drafts. The design drawing of the apidomics for sleeping on hives for two will be as follows:

  • the size of the room from the inside is 200 × 200 cm;
  • external dimensions, including cladding 220 × 220 cm;
  • size of hives for bees 100x55x60 cm;
  • the foundation is a metal base made of beams 10 × 10 cm;
  • a frame of wooden beams 10 × 10 cm is built above the base.

The base of the apidomics should be at least half a meter above the ground. At the corners of the base, four hollow metal posts are placed, they are dug into the ground to a depth of 1 m, their height is 0.5 m above the ground. A beehive is placed in each corner.

A wooden bar is placed in the racks, deepening it by 40 cm and fastening it with bolts for stability. In the upper part of the future apidomics, the racks are interconnected with beams 240 cm long.Each beam should protrude outward by 10 cm.

Floors can be made of plywood or planks that need to be sanded.

Next, the walls are assembled from boards measuring 30x150 cm, connecting them to the frame and to each other. This takes into account the location of the windows and the door through which the hives must pass.

Inside the apidomik there is a small hanging table and two loungers. The table is useful for working with hives and caring for bees.

The door must be installed so that it closes tightly. It must be made of moisture resistant materials.

In the upper part of the apidomik, a frame for the roof is made, also of beams 10x5 cm thick. They are attached to the prepared corners from all four sides. Thus, the roof is in the shape of a pyramid. This is the best option that enhances the therapeutic effect of apitherapy. Sleep in such apidomics will be complete, and the bees will not bother the patient.

The walls are covered with sheets of plywood and sheathing is made of boards 4x4 cm thick. They are nailed at a distance of 40 cm from each other along the entire height of the walls.

The roof is covered with metal tiles from above, and the walls are covered with moisture-resistant materials.

At the base of the apidomik, four hives are installed, two under each lounger.

The design of the outdoor lounger on the hives is simpler. For its device, two or three hives are needed, on top of which a net is laid and a sunbed with a canopy is installed.

Important! The hives under the sunbeds must be separated with nets and painted in different colors so that the bees do not fly into other people's hives.


It should be remembered that apitherapy is more of a prevention than a cure, but sleeping on hives in apidomics is a good way to prevent many diseases.

Today there are apiaries equipped with apidomics in many ecologically clean regions of Russia. They are most useful in the Altai Territory, where the nature is pure and the most able-bodied bees. Famous people come there to improve their health and recuperate with the help of the healing effects of sleep on the hives. In properly equipped apidomics, sleeping on hives restores after heavy surgical interventions and strengthens the immune system.


Maria Epifanova, 45 years old, Novosibirsk.

In the reviews I read that most patients already from the first sessions of sleep on hives with bees feel a surge of vivacity, improved mood, and normalization of digestion. I came to rest in the Altai Territory, breathe the healing air, relieve the stress of the city bustle. In the sanatorium, I was offered to undergo a course of sleep treatment on hives. The impressions from the procedure are the most positive, from the very first sessions I literally flew like on wings. Headaches and lumbar pains are gone. The tension and nervousness of recent months have disappeared by themselves. I will definitely come here again, communication with the bees, undoubtedly, did my good!

Victor Klyuchnik, 55 years old, St. Petersburg.

Last year I was in a sanatorium in the Smolensk region. The doctor talked about the nearby apiary and the benefits of sleeping in hives with bees. I decided to give it a try, and I was very pleased with the positive effect I received. The joints, worn out by long years of work at the factory, stopped aching. I want to note that that winter I did not have a cold or flu, which has not happened to me for a long time. If you combine such procedures with the intake of royal jelly and other waste products of bees, you can achieve amazing results. I will be happy to repeat the course next year.

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