Snow blower Herz (Herz)

Snow blower Herz (Herz)

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If snow removal takes a lot of time and effort, then it's time to purchase a modern, high-performance snow blower. The powerful machine is able to tackle even the largest packs of snow quickly and easily. For every potential buyer, the garden equipment market offers a huge range of equipment, and it can be very difficult to choose “your” snow blower. Hundreds of different brands and thousands of models baffle the consumer.

Today we propose to get acquainted with only one well-known and widely demanded Austrian brand Herz. The Herz snow blower is distinguished by its reliability, durability and high performance. Perhaps, the information offered below about some models of this brand will help the consumer to make the right choice.

The best snow blower models from Herz

The Herz company has been presenting its products on the world market for tools and equipment for 120 years. All products of this brand are manufactured in Austrian factories. The latest equipment and multi-stage quality control allows us to produce only the most reliable equipment.

Attention! Under the well-known Austrian brand Herz, you can find Chinese-assembled machines on the market.

They are inferior to the original installations not only in cost, but also in quality, therefore, before buying, it is recommended to check with the seller where the specific unit of equipment was brought from.

The first models of Herz snow blowers appeared over 100 years ago. They were mechanical and required a lot of human labor in their work. Over the years, primitive technology has undergone fundamental changes and has become as automated as possible. Modern snow blowers from this company have amazing power and maneuverability. They are reliable and trouble-free in operation. Most of the Herz models have the maximum configuration, which ensures comfortable use of the equipment. To evaluate the specific characteristics of the most famous Herz snowblowers, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with their detailed description.

Important! Herz only manufactures petrol-powered snow blowers.

Herz SB 7 L

This model of the snow blower is the smallest in the Herz product line, although in comparison with the machines of other manufacturers, this unit looks like a giant. Its engine power is 7 liters. with., engine displacement is 212 cm3... It is worth noting that this model is equipped with a reliable Loncin engine, which is unpretentious and reliable.

The Herz SB 7L snow blower has a high performance. It is capable of capturing a snow strip 61 cm wide and 58 cm high. Such characteristics, in comparison with other models on the market, are very impressive. The dimensions of the self-propelled unit are also large, the weight of the equipment is about 92 kg.

Important! The reinforced housing and toothed auger provide additional reliability of the snow blower.

The large fuel tank of the snow blower is designed for 6.5 liters of fluid. The manufacturer recommends using AI 92 gasoline for refueling. Fuel consumption is low, so one full refueling is enough for 10 hours of operation at maximum load.

Reliable 16-inch wheels have deep tread, which allows you to move a rather heavy machine without any problems. It is very easy to drive this giant, since the self-propelled vehicle is equipped with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The change in speeds in this model occurs with the help of a variator.

All Herz SB 7L snow blowers are equipped with a two-stage surface cleaning system. The machines are capable of throwing snow up to 11 m. A special swivel device makes it easy to change the throwing direction.

The machine can be turned on and off using a manual and electric starter. The multifunctional control panel allows you to quickly lock and unlock existing differentials.

For more comfortable operation, the snow blower is equipped with special attachments for the snow plow, skids for adjusting the height of the capture of snow and a halogen headlight. The handle heating function, unfortunately, is absent in the proposed model.

Important! The cost of the proposed model is approximately 65-68 thousand rubles.

In addition to a detailed description, we suggest watching a video on which you can visually evaluate the work of the snow blower

Herz SB 9 EMS

An even more powerful and more efficient Herz snow blower is available under the SB 9 EMS designation. This snow blower is equipped with the most modern 9 hp motor. and a volume of 265 cm2... The Loncin Motor's liner-type, four-stroke, overhead valve engine is designed for exceptional reliability and durability, giving the Herz snow thrower a half-turn start even in the coldest temperatures. The model is equipped not only with a manual, but also with an electric starter, which greatly facilitates starting.

The SB 9EMS snow blower model surprises with its performance, because it will not be difficult for the machine to remove the snow cap 51 cm high and 77 cm wide. At a speed of 900 kg / min, the snow blower is capable of throwing snow up to 15 m! Not every unit can boast of such characteristics.

The huge snow-clearing giant weighs over 130 kg, but it is easy to operate thanks to the 6-forward and 2-reverse transmission. The high cross-country ability of the self-propelled unit is also provided by large X-trac wheels with deep tread.

Important! In all Herz models, the auger is fixed on ball bearings, which is an undoubted advantage of the proposed technique.

The Herz SB 9EMS snow blower model is characterized by maximum equipment. It has a differential lock and unlock function, a variable speed variator, a reinforced toothed auger. The operator panel, made according to all the requirements of ergonomics, allows you to easily change the position of the deflector and the branch pipe for throwing snow. The heated handle and 12V LED headlight make the work even more convenient and comfortable.

The ease of operation of the Herz SB 9EMS self-propelled snowblower can be appreciated by watching the video:

The proposed frames will allow not only to see the operation of the installation, but also to receive some comments from an experienced specialist, to carry out a comparative analysis of this unit with a snowplow of another brand.

Other models of Herz snow blowers

The Herz line of snow blowers includes about 20 different models. The smallest are the SB 6.5 E snow blowers with 6.5 hp. They are inferior to other models in their performance: the relatively low power does not allow installing a large bucket on these self-propelled machines. The cost of such a snowplow is quite affordable and in the Russian market is 40 thousand rubles.

The Herz range also includes a tracked snow blower. It is produced under the designation SB-13 ES. This self-propelled machine has a capacity of 13 liters. from. It is capable of throwing snow up to 19 m. In terms of its functionality, the model is similar to the above options.

The most powerful Herz snow blower is the SB 15 EGS. The wheeled unit is equipped with a 15 hp engine. Captures a strip of snow 108 cm wide and 51 cm high. The weight of such a machine is 160 kg. These high-performance plants are mainly used for cleaning industrial areas. In everyday life, such a giant will have nowhere to turn around.

Important! The cost of the most powerful Herz SB 15 EGS snowblower is 80 thousand rubles.


Herz tools and equipment are recognized as professional, which indicates their high quality and reliability. That is why the company does not manufacture low-power plants. For domestic use, the best solution in this case will be the Herz SB 7L model, which can easily and very quickly clean even the largest courtyard area. More powerful snow blowers, as a rule, are purchased by enterprises to optimize work. Their solid dimensions and weight make it difficult to store in everyday life, and not everyone will have to "afford" the cost of such installations.


Vasilkova Alina, 43 years old, St. Petersburg

The huge suburban area used to be difficult to keep in order. After heavy snowfalls, most of the courtyard remained impassable until the end of winter. But we were able to solve the problem of clearing snow with the Herz snow blower. The car, though expensive, is very comfortable. She literally gnaws at the snow and moves forward on her own. You don't need much physical strength to work with this technique, so in the absence of my husband, I clean the area myself. Having a key allows me to easily start the installation.

Alexander Mironov, 52 years old, Yekaterinburg

I work as a starter at a large enterprise in the city. We have had such a car on our balance for many years. We use it every year in the most severe frosts and snowfalls. Periodically requires minor repairs and maintenance. In general, there are no complaints about the technique, it works well.

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