Pepper Snow White

Pepper Snow White

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Sweet bell pepper has become a part of the modern man's diet. It is already unthinkable to imagine a light vegetable salad without it.

A huge number of varieties and hybrids sets a considerable task for the gardener. Everyone is trying to grow a rich harvest of delicious and aromatic vegetables.

This article will focus on an amazing chameleon variety with a beautiful name - Snow White.


Sweet pepper "Snow White" refers to early ripening varieties. The time frame from sowing to full maturity is 4 months. The crop is intended for cultivation in a greenhouse. This variety is unsuitable for open ground.

The bushes of an adult plant are low - about 50 cm. Fruits are slightly elongated, triangular in shape, painted in a whitish-green color, and then, with the onset of a period of full maturity or biological maturity, the color changes from white to red.

The length of a mature fruit reaches 12 cm in length and up to 9 cm in diameter. The walls of the pepper are quite thick. The yield is high.

Among the advantages of the variety, its high disease resistance should also be noted.

In cooking, Snow White pepper is used for preparing vegetable salads, as well as for canning.

Features of growing and care

Growing the Snow White variety and caring for the plant includes the following components:

  • timely and regular watering;
  • loosening the soil;
  • fertilizing the plant with mineral fertilizers;
  • removal of the lower leaves before the first fork from the bush.

Advice! As you may have noticed from the description, the variety does not require special growing and care conditions for itself, so it can be safely grown on the site next to other types of sweet bell peppers.

Storage conditions for peppers are the same as for most vegetables: air temperature from +3 to +6 and moderate humidity. A regular refrigerator is perfect for short-term storage.

Advice! In order for the vitamin vegetable to be preserved for a long time, it can be frozen or preserved.


Victor Petrovich, 62 years old, Kiev

I have been growing vegetables since early childhood. My parents also instilled in me a great love for the cultivation of the land. Most of all I like to grow bell peppers. In one greenhouse, I can fit several varieties at once. I try to plant peppers of different ripeness. From the early varieties, I prefer "Snow White". The variety is fruitful, undersized, has good taste. No special care is required, it is well stored. Ripe fruits are consumed raw as salads, and also frozen for the winter.

Olga Vladimirovna, p. Nashchekovo

I would like to share my experience in growing Snow White pepper. The variety began to be planted since last year. I really like that the bushes are small. There are quite a few peppers on one plant. The yield is high. In terms of taste, I really liked this variety. Juicy, aromatic vegetable. Salads are especially good from it. Next year I will try to preserve the pepper for the winter.

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