Covered Trametes (Fluffy Trametes): photo and description, medicinal properties

Covered Trametes (Fluffy Trametes): photo and description, medicinal properties

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Fluffy trametes is an annual tinder fungus. Belongs to the Polyporovye family, the Trametes genus. Another name is Trametes covered.

What does fluffy trametess look like?

Fruit bodies are medium in size, thin, flat, sessile, rarely with descending bases. The edge is thin, bent inward. They can grow together with lateral parts or bases. The diameter of the caps is from 3 to 10 cm, the thickness is from 2 to 7 cm.

The fungus is easily identified by the fuzzy surface

Specimens growing on lateral surfaces are semi-spread, fan-shaped, with a tiled arrangement, attached by a narrow base. Those that grow on horizontal ones consist of rosettes formed by several fruiting bodies. In youth, the color is whitish, ashy, grayish-olive, cream, yellowish, in maturity - ocher. The surface is in radial folds, wavy, velvety, felt or almost smooth, with subtle concentric zones.

The spore-bearing layer is porous, tubular, at first white, cream or yellowish in color, then it can turn brown or gray. The tubes reach 5 mm in length, the pores are angular and can be elongated.

The pulp is white, leathery, tough.

Where and how it grows

It grows in small groups on dead wood: dead wood, stumps, dead wood. It more often settles on deciduous trees, especially on birch, less often on conifers.

Fruiting during summer and autumn.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Fluffy trametess is inedible. They do not eat it.

The medicinal properties of fluffy trametess

Possesses healing properties. The substances in it stimulate the immune system, have antitumor effects, improve metabolic processes in tissues, and restore liver function.

On its basis, a biologically active additive Tramelan is made. It is believed that this remedy has a positive effect on fat metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and increases vascular tone. Tramelan is an antidepressant, relieves fatigue, invigorates and fights fatigue.

Doubles and their differences

A similar look is hard-fiber trametes. It is an inedible mushroom with a thin gray cap. Fruiting bodies are half or prostrate, widely accrete, with hard pubescence on the surface and concentric areas separated by furrows. The edges of the cap are yellow-brown with a small hard edge. The pulp is two-layered, fibrous. Found on stumps, dead wood, dry, sometimes on wooden fences. Grows in shady forests and clearings. Distributed in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere.

Rigid fiber settles on deciduous wood, very rarely on conifers

Another similar species is smoky tinder fungus. Not edible, with a large thick cap, in youth - loose, yellowish, in maturity becomes brown. At first the edges are sharp, then they become dull.

Smoky polypore grows on deadwood and stumps of predominantly deciduous trees

Inedible birch polypore, with a sessile fruiting body without a stem, flattened or reniform. Young mushrooms are white, mature ones turn yellow, the surface begins to crack. The pulp is bitter and tough. It grows on sick and dead birches in small groups.

Birch tinder fungus causes red rot that destroys wood


Fluffy trametes - woody mushroom. It is not used in cooking, but is used in medicine as a medicine and dietary supplement.

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