Psilocybe semi-lanceolate (papillary): what kind of mushroom

Psilocybe semi-lanceolate (papillary): what kind of mushroom

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Psilocybe is semi-trapezoidal in the group of hallucinogenic fungi. It is popularly known as the fungus mushroom. He is considered a symbol of inner freedom, but they forget that any exposure to psilocin causes a change in internal organs. Passion for fun can end in loss of mind and turning into a plant without feelings and emotions.

What does a psilocybe hemilanceate mushroom look like

Psilocybe psilocybe semilanceata (semilacent) is part of the poisonous group. The fungus is dangerous for its psyche activating effect. A person will begin to feel symptoms that are dangerous to health one hour after toxic substances enter the body. Outwardly, like most poisonous brethren, it does not look attractive.

  • the usual color of the hat is olive;
  • other possible tones - beige, brown, gray;
  • head shape - cone;
  • the edges of the upper part are covered with grooves;
  • the center of the cap is a small blunt tubercle (papillary);
  • the peel is removed;
  • the skin is soft, slippery and sticky to the touch.

Gradually, the hat changes, from a conical formation at the moment of full ripening it becomes similar to a bell, then during aging it begins to align, it becomes flat.

The mushroom grows to 12 cm. The thin leg bends due to the hollow inside. It can be pure bright white, dirty gray or yellowish. At the mycelium, scaly formations can be seen.

Where does psilocybe grow semilanceolate

You can meet a dangerous resident of forests in a certain territory:

  • in fields prepared for walking animals (pastures);
  • on meadow infertile soils;
  • among the grass in forest glades;
  • on marshy elevated bumps;
  • in wet soil.

A mushroom loves fields where cattle graze. Especially if the field has not been visited by animals. There are many such places of growth throughout Russia; the Moscow Region is no exception.

Where to look for psilocybin mushrooms

The effect of psilocybe hemilanceate on the human body

Inadvertent ingestion of a dangerous forest inhabitant into products leads to poisoning. The action is distinguished by the rate at which the reaction begins. On average, deterioration will occur in 20 minutes. But There are other time periods:

  • mushroom broth - after 10 minutes;
  • part of mushroom dishes - 45 minutes.

The action develops gradually. The highest peak poisoning reaches in an hour. Having reached the highest point, the deterioration remains at the same level for 2-3 hours. Then the disease goes into decline.

What happens to a person:

  • partial loss of mind;
  • complete disconnection of rationality;
  • stage of insanity;

The way out of this state is not always possible independently. In most cases, only doctors can return the patient to reality. Residual effects will be observed for several more days. Experts call this period of time - afterglow. It is characterized by the following indicators of health and general condition:

  • appeasement;
  • detachment;
  • slow reaction;
  • depression;
  • increased perception of the environment.

Sometimes doctors state the opposite state of tranquility: a person becomes nervous, he begins to search for the meaning of life, to suffer and worry.

The use of psilocybe semilanceolate in medicine

The substance contained in the mushrooms cannot be isolated in a home laboratory. That is why doctors warn that such experiments can kill a person. But the impact must be constant, that is, a person must systematically destroy his body. Western pharmaceutical manufacturing uses the substance to treat various pathologies. Used as a neurotropic drug. It is introduced into the complex of medicines against:

  • memory impairment;
  • increase anxiety;
  • paranoia;
  • schizophrenia;
  • migraine.

Any drug should be prescribed by a doctor. It’s not worthwhile to start cooking with poisonous mushrooms yourself, you can cause dangerous complications and unforeseen reactions of the body.

Characteristics of psilocybe hemilanceate

How to identify a mushroom and distinguish it from similar species

Gathering in the forest, mushroom pickers are preparing. But more often this preparation includes the appearance of the mushroom picker. Experienced foresters advise not to forget about theoretical training, a set of knowledge. This approach will avoid errors. Inedible and dangerous inhabitants of the forest will remain untouched, never appear in a basket. What distinguishes the poisonous guest of the forests, the psilocybin species:

  • the hat is thin and ugly;
  • lamellar inside;
  • the surface of the head changes from the place of growth: dry, wet.
  • the plates are firmly connected to the leg, almost uniform;
  • spores are similar in shape to grains;
  • the structure of the leg is cartilaginous.

The mushroom is unattractive, it is more similar to other grebes. It always grows in whole families, stretching one above the other.

The legality of the deliberate collection of hallucinogenic mushrooms

In Russia, responsibility is provided for the collection and distribution of hallucinogenic representatives of the forest. The ban is imposed on all actions with mushrooms:

  • collection in any forest territory;
  • cultivation on own plots of land;
  • distribution for raw and finished consumption;
  • sale of powders and other compounds from hallucinogenic species;
  • exchange for any prohibited and permitted medicines;
  • distribution of material for growing;
  • advertising positive properties.

The law provides for different liability for unlawful acts of this plan:

  • fines;
  • administrative punishment;
  • criminal liability.

Legislation is studying the scope, maliciousness of action. The individuality or systematic nature of the measures against whom they were directed is taken into account. One punishment, if all this was done for personal use, another, when it caused a violation of someone else's health.

The amount of hallucinogenic material is relevant for the sentencing:

  • 5 g - large supply. Administrative violation;
  • 20 g - especially large. Criminal liability.

The status of hallucinogenic mushrooms is established for psilocybe by a semi-lanceolate list of plants that are controlled by the state. Searching for it is optional. The name already suggests that mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is on a special line among narcotic and psychotropic substances.

Interesting facts about psilocybin mushrooms

It is impossible to predict how the body will react to ingestion of dangerous contents. It all depends on the individual state of the person. Only those who do not value life, do not want to experience true feelings without external stimuli can conduct experiments on health. Knowing what a little fun looks like is good for anyone who loves quiet walks through the woods.

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