How to wash (clean) your hands after cleaning mushrooms with oil: simple ways

How to wash (clean) your hands after cleaning mushrooms with oil: simple ways

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One of the most common options for summer and autumn pastime is mushroom picking. Quite popular types for collecting and preparing blanks for the winter are boletus. The only possible disadvantage that may arise during the treatment of these representatives of the Boletov family is darkening of the skin after contact with fungi. The knowledge of certain techniques will help to wash your hands after oily mushrooms, which will significantly facilitate and speed up this procedure.

Why do your hands turn black from oil

As a result of contact of oils with the skin of the hands, the color of the skin changes greatly. The more members of the Boletov family have been reworked, the more hands can become stained, and their color can become almost black. Accordingly, the darker the color of the hands, the more difficult it will be to wash them. This happens for two main reasons:

  • the composition of oil contains such an element as iron, which, upon contact with the skin, begins an active interaction, the result of which is a change in the color of the skin;
  • the juice of these mushrooms has high corrosive properties and is literally absorbed into the skin.

Important! You should start washing your hands from oil mushrooms as soon as possible after the end of the processing procedure, since the longer the juice is on your hands, the more it will be absorbed into them.

How can you clean your hands after cleaning oil

There are a lot of tricks that will help you wash your hands from oils at home. To do this, it is not at all necessary to purchase specialized products in the store. Everything you need for successful laundering can be found in every home. The main rule that must be observed in this case is the correct application of the chosen method and compliance with all the necessary recommendations.

You can wash your fingers after cleaning the oils by using one of the following components:

  • lemon acid;
  • acetic acid solution with the addition of soda;
  • hand wash any items;
  • using a hard washcloth;
  • cleansing hands with sand;
  • acetone (in case of emergency).

Before you start washing your hands after oil at home, you should find out a few basic rules that operate in this process:

  • in order to wash off the dark color from your hands, you should not use ordinary soap, as this will only aggravate the situation and cause the paint to penetrate into the pores of the hands;
  • using products containing an alcoholic component (vodka, alcohol, cologne) will disinfect your hands, but it will not help to wash them;
  • using solvents will also not help wash the skin and may cause skin burns;
  • if one of the selected methods did not help wash your hands, then you can try to use another method no earlier than 24 hours later: otherwise, you can seriously harm the epidermis;
  • in order to wash the skin with special chemicals used in the store, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for their use.

How to wash your fingers of mushrooms with a pumice stone

This technique will not be able to wash the stubborn and old traces of oil on the hands. However, if there are no other means at hand, then using a pumice stone to wash your hands from oils (you can replace it with a coarse washcloth) will help make the coloring pigment more faded. To wash the skin using this technique, you should:

  • take hot water into a container at hand;
  • hold your hands in water for several minutes in order to soften the skin;
  • rub the skin thoroughly with a pumice stone.

Important! In order not to injure your hands during the washing process, you must perform the procedure with sufficient care.

How to clean your hands of mushrooms with oil vinegar

Acetic acid is widely recognized for its ability to wash away contaminants of a wide variety of origins. With it, you can wipe your hands from oil. The technique is very effective in cleaning fresh traces. If the coloring pigment has been on the skin for several hours, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely wash it off. To apply this method, you must:

  • prepare a cleaning composition by mixing water and acetic acid with each other in the following proportion: for 1 liter of water - 250 ml of acetic acid (9%);
  • put your hands in the prepared composition for literally a couple of minutes so that the vinegar enters into a chemical reaction with the enzymes of the mushroom juice, and the color saturation begins to weaken;
  • wash your hands using regular soap.

When using this method, you must be prepared for the fact that if there are slight injuries on the skin, then when interacting with acetic acid, minor pain may occur.

Important! To avoid skin burns, do not try to clean contaminated areas with undiluted vinegar.

How to clean your hands after citric acid oil

Lemon has high whitening properties, but it should be borne in mind that it will help wash black hands from oil only if the stains are fresh. To prepare a citric acid bath, you should:

  • in a small container, mix 1 liter of warm water and 1 sachet of lemons (citric acid in this case can be replaced with the juice of two lemons);
  • hold your hands in the prepared solution for about 5 minutes;
  • wash them with regular soap.

Advice! If the oily mucus stains are not washed off, then you can additionally rub the stained skin with a hard washcloth during the procedure with a lemon bath.

This technique is considered the most harmless when washing the epidermis.

How to clean your hands after cleaning oil with sorrel

Sorrel is a plant known for its ability to clean berries and mushroom stains. With it, you can wash your fingers from oil mushrooms. In order to wash the epidermis using this method, you must:

  • chop sorrel leaves to a state of gruel, using a knife or meat grinder;
  • apply the prepared mass in a dense layer on your hands and wear gloves. In the absence of gloves, you can simply wrap your hands in an ordinary bag;
  • leave everything in this form for 30 minutes;
  • wash your hands using regular soap or laundry soap.

How to wipe oil off your hands with nail polish remover

The most effective in this case is to use a nail polish remover, one of the components of which is acetone. Such a liquid successfully copes with washing out even old oil stains. In order to wash the skin using this method, you should:

  • wet a cotton pad with liquid;
  • rub the skin well in those places that have come into contact with oils;
  • if the cotton pad is dirty, replace it;
  • it is necessary to continue the procedure until the epidermis is completely washed;
  • wash your hands in any usual way.

When washing traces of oils with nail polish remover, you can not be afraid to harm the epidermis.

How to wipe off mushrooms with dishwashing liquid

In order to clean your hands of oils at home, you can simply wash the dishes using any product specially designed for this. In this case, it is necessary that washing is carried out with warm water, and there is a sufficient amount of dishes.

How to quickly wash your hands from oil with ... washing

Hand washing things will also help, if not completely wash away oil stains from the skin, then make the pollution less noticeable to others. You can increase the efficiency of this process by using a laundry board (if it is preserved). In this case, washing can be done both with the use of washing powder and ordinary laundry soap.

How to clean your hands after oil with auto-paste

Special products that are used in the automotive industry for washing stubborn dirt perfectly cope with washing hands from oil. According to the strength of their pollution, the stains from these representatives of the Boletov family are placed on a par with the dirt from engine oil. It is necessary to use all these funds, strictly following the recommendations indicated on the package. At the same time, it should be noted that such auto-pastes can easily cope with washing off even stubborn traces of oil.

How else can you wash your hands after mushrooms oil

You can also clean your hands from oil by using the following means:

  • Soda. It is necessary to prepare a mushy mass of soda and water and apply this composition to your hands. After 2 - 3 minutes, the soda must be thoroughly washed off. This method is highly traumatic and must be used carefully. After using it for washing the skin, it is imperative to carry out a number of restorative and care procedures for the epidermis;
  • Sea salt + lemon juice. It is necessary to make a hand bath, which includes the following ingredients: 1 liter. hot water + 7 tbsp. l. salt + juice of one lemon. Hands must be kept in this composition for at least 15 minutes, then wipe the dirt that has not been washed in the bath with a cotton pad dipped in lemon juice;
  • Rubbing the skin with ordinary river sand. This method will also help wash your hands of oil.

How to protect your hands when collecting and handling oils

It is always easier to take care in advance that the mushroom juice does not get on the epidermis, than then try to wash off the dirt from the oils from your hands.

There are several proven ways to help protect the skin of the hands from oil coloring pigments:

  • when collecting and subsequent processing of oily oils, it is worth using rubber gloves;
  • lubricating hands with ordinary vegetable oil when collecting and cleaning oils (in the absence of rubber gloves) will significantly reduce the penetration of mushroom mucus deep into the epidermis, which means that the spots will be less bright and it will be easier to wash them;
  • so that the coloring pigment does not stain, in addition to the skin, the nail plate, before proceeding with the collection or cleaning of oils, it is worth repeatedly scratching a regular soap bar.


Washing your hands of oil mushrooms is a very difficult task. The juice of these representatives of the Boletov family tends to penetrate deeply into the skin, and in order to wash your hands from it, you need to be patient and know certain tricks that will help facilitate and speed up the entire procedure.

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