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Will tomatoes survive if they stand in the water after rain

Will tomatoes survive if they stand in the water after rain

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After heavy rains, tomatoes stand in the water. No matter how I tried to remove the water (I scooped it out, I made bends in the form of ditches), and that's it. Nothing comes out. What to do? Will the tomatoes survive? I'm terrified.


Cover with dry hay or straw. Allow to soak for two days and then remove so that mold does not start? How do you like this option? 🙂

And spray the HB-101 for prophylaxis.

The same story, but for some reason I believe in tomatoes! But pepper and eggplant "knee-deep" in the water - yes. Sprayed NV-101, tomorrow I’m going to watch. Hoping for the best. The earth has difficulty absorbing water.

We would have your water, tormented to water, no rain. And they say that Peter is rainy.

All flooded with rains, I wish a speedy end to the disaster and the establishment of good weather. And all gardeners-gardeners have favorable weather for growing crops!

The option is good! But there is no hay, and all that was dry on the site, now wet floats.

I also believe in them very much!

It seems that the climate is changing and Peter moved to us

Thanks! And you have a good harvest!

Thank you very much, it seems the weather is getting better.

How are your plants? The rains have stopped?

Yes, today it found, found, but somewhere it crawled away. Today I was digging out my bastards, soaps, tying up all day, took away many flowers of one-year-olds, I’m good, there’s still a lot of seedlings of asters and black-bones, I’ll plant again. Cucumbers carried away without a trace, soaked, put at night in the bosom, let them peck. And everything else is alive, but pretty battered. Nothing, plants recover quickly. I will hope for the best.

Oh, this weather has caused so much trouble. I don’t remember something so poured. About 6 to three hours it was not just raining here, but direct rainfall. It’s hard to be a gardener, gardener, then pests, then diseases, and even the weather throws such surprises. But nothing, we gardeners - gardeners will break through! Everything will be fine! You have the strength and patience! (and us, too) And + good mood, no matter what, Let your kids enjoy a great harvest and flowering

Helen, and I’m here with my grandson, I didn’t know much time that this is happening for you, I sympathize with you how sorry it is that it died.

Maybe you’ll make at least one high bed to be safe. On the bottom of branches and waste different, and then humus and earth.

On the trail. I’ll definitely make a year! Thanks for the advice! Water gradually leaves + I help her leave And finally the sun has come out of us!

Then you with the first day of summer!

Thanks! And you

Thanks! and harvest to all of us better than ever was a thread!

Tanya, everything will be fine. Thanks for the support.

Zhanna, thank you very much! And you have excellent harvests.

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