Tomato Sugar Nastasya: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Sugar Nastasya: reviews, photos, yield

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Tomato Sugar Nastasya is a variety created for growing on private farms. The originator is the selection and seed company "Gavrish". The variety is included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 2015. Tomato Sugar Nastasya is approved for cultivation in any regions of the Russian Federation.

Description of tomato Sugar Nastasya

Tomato variety Sugar Nastasya of indeterminate type, which means unlimited growth of the stem. The plant reaches 1.5 m in height when grown outdoors and 1.7 m when grown in greenhouses.

From the description of the tomato variety Sugar Nastya, photos and reviews, you can learn about a powerful stem with large fruit clusters. Fruits on clusters are formed by 8-9 pcs. The brushes are located all over the trunk.

The tomato bush is formed into one stem with the removal of all stepsons. A garter to the support along the entire height is required.

The leaves are medium-sized, green in color. The inflorescences are simple. The tomato is late-ripening. Fruits appear 120-130 days after germination.

Brief description and taste of fruits

The fruits of the Sugar Nastasya variety are heart-shaped with a slight ribbing. The variety belongs to pink large-fruited tomatoes. The color of an unripe tomato is light green, a ripe tomato is pink-red.

Fruits are low-seeded, multi-chambered, with a thin skin. The pulp is juicy, fleshy with a rich tomato flavor. Sugar Nastasya tomatoes have a high sugar content, which makes them taste sweet and honey.

The average fruit weight is 250-300 g. Under favorable growing conditions, the maximum weight declared by the manufacturer reaches 400 g. The Sugar Nastasya variety is intended exclusively for fresh consumption.

Varietal characteristics

In the description of the tomato variety Sugar Nastya, the admissibility of its cultivation in greenhouses, under film shelters, as well as in open ground is declared. The yield is 9-11 kg / sq. m in protected ground conditions.

Attention! The increase in yield is influenced by the formation of a bush in one stem, as well as the limitation of ovaries in the brush.

Controlling the number of ovaries allows you to increase the weight of the fruit, increases the possibility of their ripening on the hand. The fruiting time of the tomato Sugar Nastya is from July to August.

The tomato bush Sugar Nastasya, not overloaded with fruit clusters, has a great resistance to disease and pests. Therefore, with proper formation, sufficient illumination and ventilation, tomatoes grow without damage by pathogenic microorganisms.

Pros and cons of the variety

Sugar Nastasya has the characteristic features of a group of tomatoes that belong to the indeterminate type of growth and have a salad purpose.

Pros of the variety:

  • sugary pulp;
  • large fruit weight;
  • prolificacy.

Cons of the variety:

  • late ripening;
  • short storage time;
  • the need to form a bush;
  • not suitable for canning.

A feature of growing large-fruited tomatoes is also the need for high soil fertility. Tomato stems up to 1.7 m in height and clusters with a large number of fruits must be grown in tall, spacious greenhouses.

Planting and care rules

The peculiarity of the tall variety Sakharnaya Nastasya is its long ripening period. Seedlings are grown for about two months. It is not recommended to sow seeds for seedlings before the date stated for the variety. Overgrown tomatoes take root worse when transferred to a permanent place.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

For sowing seeds, a highly fertile soil is taken, consisting of equal parts of humus and sod land. For loosening, add sand or rotted sawdust. 1 tbsp is added to a bucket of soil mixture. ash. Landing boxes and soil are disinfected before planting.

For seedlings, seeds of the Sugar Nastasya variety are sown in February-March, depending on the growing region. Before sowing, the seeds are disinfected, soaked in growth stimulants and germinated in a damp tissue.

The prepared seeds are laid out on the soil, covered with a layer of soil about 1 cm, and watered. Seedling containers are covered with foil and placed in the warmest place. The first shoots will appear in a few days. At this time, the seedling boxes must be immediately opened and placed in a bright place.

Attention! The length of the straightened cotyledonous knee of the sprout is 3-5 cm, which is longer than usual and is typical for a tall variety.

After opening the seedlings, the temperature in the first 5 days is lowered to + 18ºC, then the tomato is grown at a temperature of + 22… + 24ºC. Seedlings require 12 hours of lighting per day.

Water the seedlings in moderation. Wait for the topsoil to dry out before watering again. When watering, moisture should not get on the green parts of the plant.

When the first true leaves appear, the tomato is transplanted into separate containers. The soil for picking is used the same as for sowing. The transplant container must have a drainage hole. The healthiest and strongest specimens are chosen for picking. Weak seedlings will not be able to catch up in growth with a stronger one for the entire growing season.

Transplanting seedlings

Seedlings are transplanted at the age of 50-55 days. Transplantation is possible with a flower brush, which in the Sugar Nastasya variety is formed at a height of 9-12 leaves. For the transplant, they are waiting for the establishment of positive air temperatures. The soil for transplanting should warm up above + 10 ° C.

The timing of transplanting seedlings, depending on the place of cultivation:

  • in early May - to the greenhouse;
  • at the end of May - under film shelters;
  • in the first ten days of June - in open ground.

Scheme of planting tomatoes Sugar Nastya - 40 by 60 cm. When transplanting, it is necessary to take into account the place for arranging a trellis or other support for tying the stems. Bushes should be planted with the possibility of the same lighting and ventilation, therefore a checkerboard planting order is recommended.

Seedlings are transplanted by the transshipment method, having previously moistened the soil. A hole is made at a permanent growing site, fertilizers are applied, if this was not done when preparing the total planting area. A small amount of water is poured into the hole and mixed with earth to form a slurry. The seedling is immersed in the earthen slurry to a depth slightly deeper than it grew in the container. Sprinkle the planting with soil and press lightly.

Tomato care

When growing tall tomato Sugar Nastasya, it is necessary to form a plant throughout the growing season. Grazing - removal of side shoots is necessary to eliminate thickening.

A tall variety with a strong stem and roots, forms a large amount of green mass. Removing excess shoots and leaves allows you to direct all moisture and nutrition to the formation of juicy and large fruits. Excess leaves are removed gradually, several pieces per week.

With the correct formation of the bush, by the time the fruits ripen, only the stem with fruit clusters remains. The top is pinched at the end of summer to stop further growth and ripening of existing fruits.

Advice! To increase the mass of fruits, it is recommended to leave 4-6 brushes on one trunk, and 4-5 flowers on the fruit bunch.

Tying the stem is necessary as it grows. The tomato is tied to the support with a free loop using soft tapes.

Water the tomato several times a week, deeply moistening the soil. Excessive watering provokes the occurrence of fungal diseases. When growing tomatoes in greenhouses, constant ventilation is necessary to prevent diseases.

Mulching, as an agricultural technique, is especially useful when growing Sugar Nastasya tomato in the southern regions. Covering the soil prevents excessive evaporation of moisture. And in regions with a cold climate, it is recommended to arrange high, warm beds for growing tomatoes.

In order for the variety Sugar Nastasya to give the declared large fruits, several dressings are made during the period of its cultivation. Use full mineral fertilizer once a month.


Tomato Sugar Nastasya is a young variety of pink-fruited tomatoes. The cultivation of the variety is suitable for those who love juicy, fleshy tomatoes. To obtain a high yield, the variety requires compliance with the characteristics of agricultural technology, spacious greenhouses and high soil fertility.


Julia Smirnova, 40 years old, Ivanovo

I decided to try a new tomato variety Sugar Nastasya this year and did not regret it. Really sugar pulp taste and characteristic tomato flavor. We eat meaty tomatoes of this variety not only in salads, but also fry and stew. They are not suitable for canning.

Alexander Zubov, 60 years old, Tver

I have been growing tomatoes for a long time and, along with the usual varieties, I like to experiment with new ones. This time I chose Sugar Nastasya as a variety of pink-fruited tomatoes. The tomatoes hung in clusters on the branches. They came out small in weight, but pleased in the quantity. I use it fresh, a few pieces and the salad is ready. Their taste is very sweet. I will grow more.

Elena Bystrova, 55 years old, Smolensk

Last year I grew a tomato Sugar Nastasya in the open field. She formed it into one stem, tied it up. He grew up excellently, did not get sick with anything. Fleshy fruits, salad purpose. Very aromatic, the taste is real, tomato.

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