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Many gardeners are engaged in viticulture. Moreover, every year grapes occupy areas not only in the south, but also in areas of risky farming. Some growers grow it on a large scale in order to please Russians with a sweet aromatic berry. Others plant grapes for their own needs. Today, grapes can be grown even in the north, as our readers often write about in reviews.

There is nothing to be surprised at, because breeders are breeding more and more early-ripening grape varieties. One of these new products that delight gardeners with delicious berries is Super Extra grapes. It is he who is most often grown by residents of the northern regions. This hybrid grape suffices for a short summer due to its early maturity characteristic. The story will be about the features of the variety, the rules of care and cultivation.

General information

The creation of the Super Extra table grapes was carried out by the culture lover E. G. Pavlovsky. He crossed the Cardinal and Talisman varieties by mixing their pollen. Many gardeners call Super Extra Citrine.

The uniqueness of the variety is that it can be grown in any climatic conditions both in the south and in the north. In any region, bunches of early ripening grapes ripen.

Appearance of the variety

It is impossible to imagine the features of Super Extra grapes without a description of the photo variety and reviews about it.

It is with the description and characteristics that we will begin the conversation:

  1. Bushes of early ripening grapes are vigorous. Young shoots are light green, older ones are light brown. Growing grapes can be recognized by their rich green leaves. They have five lobes; no strong dissection is observed.
  2. The bunches are large, the usual weight of berries in a brush is 500-800 grams. But Extras also have record-holders who grow up to one and a half kilograms. In the photo below, a medium-sized Super Extra grape cluster.
  3. According to the description of the variety, the grapes of Super Extra grapes are similar to Arcadia in color and size. They have an ovoid elongated shape. The length of the berry reaches 3.5 cm, and the width is about 2.5. One grape white with a golden sheen weighs 7-10 grams.
  4. The skin is hard, but when eaten it is not very noticeable. This characteristic (hardness) is very good for transportation.
  5. The Super Extra grapes are distinguished by their fleshy pulp. The taste is simple, the berries are surprisingly sweet. It is by taste that the variety can be distinguished from Arcadia.

Attention! Outwardly attractive bulk berries with a sweet taste and fast ripening time make the Super Extra grape variety attractive for gardeners in all regions of Russia.


Judging by the characteristics and reviews given by gardeners, Extra grapes differ in the following parameters:

  1. Technical ripeness occurs in 95-100 days, depending on the climatic conditions of the region and the summer itself. As a rule, the first harvest is taken in the last days of July or early August.
  2. The flowers are bisexual with an average degree of pollination, firmly adhere to the pedicels. High air humidity adversely affects the setting of Super Extra grapes.
  3. The variety is characterized by high and stable yields, but they need to be maintained by normalizing the inflorescences. Fruiting occurs in the second year after planting the Extra grapes.
  4. The bunch of grapes ripens evenly along the entire length.
  5. The variety is frost-resistant, withstands temperatures up to 24 degrees. At lower rates, it is necessary to cover.
  6. The berries contain up to 18 percent sugar, the acidity is not too pronounced, it is 5-8 g / dm3. Super Extra is practically immune to diseases such as mildew and powdery mildew, but it has to be treated from phylloxera.
  7. Excellent variety for transportation. Even when transported over long distances, the berries do not crumple, the presentation is not lost.

Speaking about the positive aspects of the Extra grapes, there are some disadvantages that should not be kept silent. There are not many of them, but still there are:

  1. The berries on the cluster differ in different sizes: the lower, the smaller. Slight peas are present. It doesn't taste any worse, though.
  2. Not everyone likes the hardness of the skin.
  3. A constant preventive fight against a disease such as phylloxera is necessary. Grapes do not develop immunity to it.

What a handsome man:

Growing and care

General principles

Judging by the characteristics, the Super Extra variety is unpretentious. Grapes can be grown not only in different climatic zones, but also on almost any soil. Sand and humus must be added to clayey, heavy soil.

Choosing a place for planting seedlings should be sunny, especially if grapes are grown in Siberia in order to provide optimal conditions for a short summer.

It is advisable to plant it on the southeast side of the house or fence. In this case, the plants will be protected from the winds. In addition, a wall of a house or a fence that heats up during the day will give the Extre warmth at night.

In regions with extreme climatic conditions, drought alternates with rain. These are excellent conditions for the defeat of the vineyard by fungi and pests. To protect grape plantings from fungal diseases, it is necessary to carry out preventive chemical treatments.

Advice! It is necessary to make it a rule to use Bordeaux liquid to spray the grapes before flowering.

Watering features

Super Extra grapes, judging by the description, needs competent watering. Do not fill it with water to the state of a swamp, but it is also not recommended to dry it out. Any deviation from the norm leads to a sharp decrease in the productivity and quality of berries. Abundant irrigation also leads to cracking of the berries, as they overflow with liquid.

Attention! Watering the grapes, if there is no rain, should be done once every 14 days; no more than 15 liters of water are poured under one bush.

What to feed

If you decide to seriously tackle the Super Extra variety, you need to study the features of feeding grapes. Fertilizers are applied without fail, without them the bush weakens and ceases to produce a decent harvest. The vineyard is fed both by the root and by the leaves. Both types of work are carried out several times per season. It is advisable to combine foliar feeding with disease prevention. Thanks to foliar feeding, plants more efficiently assimilate the resulting trace elements and nutrients.

Useful video for gardeners about the rules for foliar feeding of grapes and protection against pests and diseases:


To form the correct bush of grapes, it is necessary to carry out timely pruning. The fact is that Extra grows very much. A large number of stepchildren are formed on the shoots, which reduce the yield. In addition, overload may occur at the time of ovary formation. Excess inflorescences must also be plucked out.

During spring or autumn pruning, no more than 8 eyes are left on the shoots.

How to propagate Super Extra

The grapes of this variety are propagated in the usual ways: seedlings, cuttings and grafting. When planting new plants, you need to take into account the distance between the bushes and the aisles. Since the bush grows strongly, it needs a large feeding area.

Gardeners reviews

Valery, 56 years old, Yekaterinburg

Super Extra grapes have been grown for a long time. Every year with a rich harvest of early and tasty berries. The berries in the cluster are large, juicy. My dacha is far from the city, but there was no damage during transportation. The bunches remain intact, the berries do not crumple. I do not strive to get a large number of bunches, as a rule, I leave only one on the shoot. But its weight is super worthy of the word. Grandchildren can't wait until the end of July to feast on homemade grapes.

Svetlana, 39 years old, Leningrad region

Talking to friends who grow Super Extra grapes, I learned that not all the flowers on a bunch are pollinated. In addition, peas are present. I once had this problem too. It is solved easily and quickly: in the evening I pour ordinary (not chlorinated!) Water into the sprayer and moisten the inflorescences. Try it, it really helps.

Vladislava, 41 years old, Krasnoperekopsk

Excellent grapes. The only drawback is that the berries are different in size. But that's nothing compared to the amazing taste.

Elena, 65 years old, Klimov

Grape Extra fully lives up to its name: really, super! After ripening (I was on a business trip), the bunches hung for almost a month. The taste and presentation have not changed. There wasn't even a single cracked berry. I recommend this variety to all gardeners.

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