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What to do if rhododendron is not growing

What to do if rhododendron is not growing

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Tell me, rhododendron stands still for the third year, does not grow, what to do? Thanks.


Is it in your sun?

Pour over the leaves with urea and under the root of the fertilizer

Interesting too. They planted the first year. Share, pliiiiiz, experience)))))

4 years ago I wrote from the nursery of Belarus 2 rhododendron bushes. Such crumbs came that it was scary to take in hands and with the description of leaving. Planted on the advice and now I have meter bushes and bloom profusely. We have loamy soil and I bought a large bag of soil for conifers, divided it into two and mixed it with loam, planted the crumbs. Watering each bucket of water after 4 days and fertilizer for azaleas. They grow on a fry and the roots from the day of planting are covered with New Year's pine cut into pieces.

The same story ... Two years without a single movement. But they told me to sit in a light partial shade, and sits under the mountain ash. Can I change the place? There are Christmas trees on the site, maybe relocate there?

I was planted in the sun and was motionless for about 3 years. I transplanted to a humid place, there the sun is only in the afternoon, and now they manage to bloom 2 times during the season.

In my penumbra, as it were, in a hole, maybe in another place?


Scare him, hit him with an ax at the bottom, you won’t believe it, but it works, his grandfather’s method)

and when do you need to transplant, in the fall or in the spring? I have four years in one place in the sun. Can transplant, or is mid-May too late?

When I found out that he does not like sunflowers, I transplanted in general in the summer. And he literally changed in a month. And he still loves acidic soil. Under it, it is good to add peat and can not be fed with ash.

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