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Create a do-it-yourself topiary: master class

Create a do-it-yourself topiary: master class

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Do-it-yourself topiary is a fascinating and interesting activity that can be useful for decorating and decorating an apartment, a house and a summer house. Using these crafts, you can easily transform the interior of any room, decorate the entrance to the house, beautifully design a gazebo or patio.

We want to devote this article to creative people who are not just passionate about the non-standard and original hand-made, but who cannot imagine their life without nice and useful crafts that you can do yourself. Naturally, many work with wood, metal, plastic, but we suggest moving on to more unusual materials and creating with your own hands exactly what you did not do before. Absolutely everyone can do this — let's not be afraid of this word — the main thing is to have a desire to create and get results, free time for simple and fascinating work, as well as a small margin of finance if you want to invest in more exclusive material for the future topiary.

Initially, we will consider the classic crafts, which are passionate about thousands of owners of skilled hands, as well as those products that are now crowded with numerous markets and online stores. Going a little deeper into our article, you can find interesting information on how to create a very unusual topiary from materials that you had not previously thought of applying.

DIY Topiary Making: Classic

First of all, you should choose the materials for the product, which will soon appear in your home or country house in finished form:

  • The basis for the crown. Make it simple enough, and absolutely no money to spend here. To make the base, you can use fabric, paper, foil, polystyrene, an old Christmas tree toy, tennis or a simple children's ball.
  • Rod (trunk). It is also quite easy to make it: you just need to find an ordinary twig, a tube of plastic or cardboard, and even a pencil will work for small topiary.
  • Base. It can be any filler or a harder base, where a rod with a crown will be placed during the manufacturing process of our product. Foam, floristic sponge, polyurethane foam are excellent for these purposes.
  • Gorshokch. It can be a standard flower pot or a small decorative container, a wooden box or just a rectangular or round tank made independently of other materials. Here the choice depends on the general decor of the room and the topiary itself.
  • Decorative materials. To make the product attractive and unusual, or even very beautiful and original, you can use absolutely everything that you want and that comes to hand. This is exactly what professional masters do, who save on jewelry well and use: for the crown - beads, coffee beans, postcards, colored paper, ready-made paper flowers, fake money, dried flowers; for the trunk (stem, stem) - ordinary paint, foil, colored paper, thin twine; for a pot - shells or pebbles, foam balls and so on.
  • In addition, you will definitely need the following set of materials and consumables: spray paint (for painting the product), universal glue (for durable connection of all components), as well as polyurethane foam, cement or gypsum (for high-quality fixing of the base).

Next, we will consider the actual manufacture of the topiary and step-by-step instructions. Initially, you should take time for the crown and make it what you intended before. Before pasting the crown with paper, foil, grains or flowers, be sure to make a hole for the rod so that the crown can later be connected to it.

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DIY topiary

Now you should insert the rod into the hole in the crown quite tightly. To do this, you can use glue or sealant. It is advisable to insert the rod into the crown to the upper wall, otherwise the crown will not be fixed securely and may simply fly off.

After this, the pot is filled with gypsum or cement. Other materials are also possible, but do not forget about the density of the filler and the weight of the pot, which should be more than the weight of the crown and the rod.

When all the parts are combined into one common product, it is necessary to give some time so that the pouring of the base has time to dry. After that, the base can be decorated using coins, pebbles, shells and so on.

As you can see, making a topiary tree with your own hands is not difficult at all, and it will take a little time - only a few hours. As a result, you will get a beautiful and original product that will easily decorate any place you define.

Making topiary from other materials

Today, there are many interesting materials that can be used to make such a masterpiece. Some of them are popular, while others are used so rarely that they are known to units. But, despite their ratings, we will try to consider in detail individual options.

From napkins

Simple and very light in weight product, so that it can be installed or even suspended on any surface. The general production system is the same, but for the rod you no longer need to look for a tube or twig - it will be enough aluminum or steel wire, which can be “hugged” with paper and painted in the desired color. It will not be necessary to fill the pot with cement or gypsum, because installation foam or polystyrene can be used as a lightweight option.

From paper

The features of making topiary from paper are similar to the previous product and that the crown can also be made of paper. It should be crumpled well, form a crown of the necessary shape and glue up to quality. The weight of such a decorative element is also small, so you can use wire for the rod, and foam or polyurethane foam for the pot filler, as for napkin topiary.

From fabric

It is believed that fabric topiary is slightly more difficult to make than paper, since fabric is not a very obedient material, and some processing is required to make it take the required shape. Someone uses starch, someone uses glue or varnish, and there are cases when a special base or frame made of cardboard or thin wire is used under the fabric, on which the fabric is stretched. A feature of such products is “fluffiness” - the ability to make topiary more magnificent. Threads of fabric come to the rescue, which you can always get from the canvas used for decoration, and beautifully decorate the entire product with them.

Money Topiary

A fairly well-known product that can be used not only as a room decor, but also as a gift for a loved one, which will symbolize wealth, luck, success in all endeavors. The benefit of making such a topiary, like everyone else, is not difficult. The only thing that will be necessary is to spend a small amount on registration (use small denominations) or just take fake money, which can be bought at kiosks, gift shops, and so on. Creating money topiary is not much different from other types of products, except that for the external design you will need to use banknotes.

DIY coffee topiary

One of the most difficult works on which the master will have to work longer. In principle, the whole process is identical, except that coffee beans on the base of the crown of the topiary stick a little difficult. An important point is that they need to be glued in two layers - so the effect is more interesting.

Topiary made from coffee beans can be completely exclusive, if you create it with a minimum amount of related materials, and the main emphasis is on coffee beans. How do you like the coffee topiary, in which everything - the crown, stem, base and even the pot - is made from whole grains, and the upper part is a small porcelain cup? The effect will be simply unpredictable, especially if you finish the process. This work resembles the pouring grains of coffee from a cup that seemed to freeze in the air.

New Year's Topiary

A purely festive version with a narrow specialization. Such a product is unlikely to be suitable for everyday decoration of the interior or entrance to the house, but it will fit perfectly into the New Year and Christmas holidays - both as a decor and as a gift for a relative or friend.

You can make New Year's topiary using Christmas tree decorations, cones, Christmas or pine needles and thin twigs. If possible, it is desirable to coat the product with varnish - so its service life will increase significantly.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for the topiary - you can even invent them yourself from those small and unnecessary little things that were accidentally at hand. In this way, many create exclusive gifts:

  • Macaroni Topiary - simple and uncomplicated, cheap to manufacture and pretty enough if you add different colors.
  • from sweets - A nice, funny and really sweet gift for a girl, mom or child.
  • organza - a gentle and beautiful decoration of the interior of any room, which fits perfectly into a warm gazebo in the country, and in the patio for relaxation.
  • And wedding topiary, from ribbons and serpentine, foil and polyethylene products and other interesting materials and available tools.

Video master class on creating a topiary

The main parts of the topiary

Many, especially novices of this kind, cannot cope with the manufacture of the main parts - the so-called “spare parts” for topiary. We will try to help with the solution of this issue.

DIY Topiary Ball

If you don’t have a ready-made ball, ball or Christmas tree at hand, just crumple a certain amount of paper and form a ball or any other shape. The same can be done with foil or fabric, with a ball of old thread or polystyrene, simply by trimming it in the desired shape.

Flowers, decoration, decor

As we said above, flowers can be used paper, purchased, but you can make them yourself - it's quite simple. To decorate the base of the crown, take whatever you like. In addition to shells and dried flowers, foil and colored paper, you can always use colored polyethylene, threads, old flyers and business cards, LEGO designer accessories, candy coins in foil ... There are plenty of options - experiment with your health!

Topiary rod

You can make it from any twig, twig, wooden glazing bead for windows, wire, pencil or plastic base of a ballpoint pen. The decoration of the trunk or stem always occurs sequentially, by winding it from top to bottom or vice versa. You can use for this all the materials that we talked about earlier.

Today you found out how to make a do-it-yourself topiary, how to decorate a product or make it in an exclusive format. Follow our publications further - and you will find out many more interesting things!

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