Furniture from the roots: fabulous beauty

Furniture from the roots: fabulous beauty

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The furniture from the roots is interesting in that it is impossible to create 2 identical copies. It will look good in a country house where at least a piece of nature should be present, or on the street. Leaving the city for fresh air, I want everything to be beautiful, fabulous ... All the materials from which the furniture is made should be natural. Furniture? created from ordinary tree roots? will be the perfect option!

The advantages of the presented type of furniture

Products for the site must be durable, moisture resistant. The tree copes with its tasks perfectly. Furniture can be bought or made independently. The tree has been used from time immemorial, and now it has not lost its relevance. Previously, products were tried in various ways to decorate, improve, roots were often used. Now this option also has the right to life.

The use of roots began in the late 18th century. People admired bizarre forms. Each item became individual. Furniture of this kind was in the collections of kings.

Then they forgot about the original method of furniture production, but after some time they revived it again and it became popular again.

Key features:

  1. Since each tree is unique, products from it will also be unique. You will not find the second such in the world.
  2. The furniture is eco-friendly, absolutely safe.
  3. The roots are strong, which means that the products are obtained as reliable as possible.
  4. You can perform any kind of furniture.

Who is the original solution?

The roots have an expressive form, suitable for fans of custom solutions. Much depends on the conditions in which the tree grew. The more difficult the conditions, the more bizarre the roots will be. If the master is experienced, it will not be difficult for him to find interesting solutions.

Products from trees are very durable, furniture is obtained "for centuries." This applies to those tables, chairs, which are made from a single piece of wood. Often used whole stump with roots.

What can be done

The roots of trees are traditionally used for the production of tables, chairs, decoration. Products turn out fabulously beautiful, quite homely.

Among the modern interior, original things will look conceptual. Wooden furniture is perfect for a summer house, a country house. Coniferous products are good for use in a sauna.

There is one interesting idea - using the roots to create a folk-style bar. So each visitor will have a favorite hanger, table, chair. Stylistics can be sustained in any subject. Wood allows you to make any kind of furniture - from flower stands to shelves.

Using roots, you can decorate the following things:

  • dressers;
  • cabinets;
  • tables and chairs;
  • bed.

On the walls you can make a panel imitating living trees.

You can also create original and practical cardboard furniture.

How to prepare the roots

Find the roots of trees in our country is not difficult. Just go to the forest and choose the most interesting driftwood. The question is different - how to prepare them correctly?

First you need to decide on the material for the frame, backs, legs. The following tree varieties will be a good option:

  • coniferous;
  • oak;
  • Apple tree;
  • nut;
  • Birch tree.

The roots should be thick enough. It is important to pre-fabricate the layout in order to clearly understand what should happen.

What roots to take, dry or fresh? You can use any option. If you see cracks in the tree - that’s good, the marks will give a great personality, the main thing is that the strength does not decrease. You need to dry so that the tree does not lead. It is better if the process will occur in stages, under a canopy. The baby walks in an unheated room.

Next is the root treatment. A roughing is used for rough peeling, previously clamped in a drill. It is necessary to observe safety rules, wear safety glasses, a respirator. After getting rid of the main dirt, a small edge is taken, processing continues.

When processing kratsovki ideal option is not achieved. Gloss is given only after the furniture is already done.

Assembly rules

End processing involves the observance of nuances. Processing is carried out using a rough brush. Stripping is carried out using a drill. You need to act clockwise. Do not push! Then processing is done with a fine brush. Next, the roots are dried, assembly is in progress.

Methods of connecting parts of furniture can be different - gluing, clinch, landing on screws. When choosing a mount on a wood grouse, you can put a decorative plug on top. Joints are treated with special glue.

Sitting can be made from several roots. You can fasten them with a hemp rope. The method will make the furniture durable and individual.

You can also learn how to make furniture from belts.

Finish finish

If there are cracks that are not credible, you can repair them with a dark colored epoxy. Then the product is ground.

After grinding and assembly, excess glue is removed, decoration begins. A stain is taken, the product is covered in several layers until the desired color is obtained. In a number of places accents are placed. Then oil is applied. Then you can enjoy your creativity!

Everyone can execute tables, chairs or shelves from the roots of trees. Material in large quantities is in the nearest forest. First of all, you need to correctly choose a tree variety. The roots are allowed to take both fresh and dried. Original furniture from the roots will be an ideal option for a personal plot, bar, sauna, modern apartment. You will get an exclusive piece of furniture. Do not be afraid to take roots with cracks, they give a special charm.

Root Furniture

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