Dismantling in the country: the dismantling of buildings and structures

Dismantling in the country: the dismantling of buildings and structures

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Dismantling a country house, a makeshift or a barn is a simple task only at first glance. Well, yes, breaking - not building, and so many people think. Although this is not entirely true, after all, many capital buildings can be demolished only with the participation of special equipment and dismantling specialists. But you can try it yourself, because it is far from necessary to immediately start from the old country house. This may be a dilapidated shower, toilet, wooden shed, or maybe even a structure like a fence or arch.

Today, it offers to consider several examples of demolition of buildings, and some of them even in stages, in order to understand and remember each individual process.

Dismantling the old gazebo

The complexity of the work depends on how capital and sound the design itself is:

  • Often gazebos are built from timber or logs, and therefore it is convenient to disassemble sequentially after removing the roof and the main roof structure;
  • The polycarbonate gazebo should be disassembled from the casing. Next, cutting the frame and you're done!
  • It is much easier to dismantle open arbors, because they imply only a frame and decoration, inside and out;
  • With enclosed gazebos a little more complicated, because in the thickness of each wall there is a heater, and possibly communications. Also do not forget about double-glazed windows and doors;
  • After dismantling the frame part, there remains only the task of dismantling the foundation.

Dismantling the old veranda

We practically do not observe any differences with the dismantling of the gazebo in this process, but there are some features that you should definitely pay attention to. For example, the fact that the porch is an open extension to the country house, which means that the structure has fastening elements with the main building. You just can’t forget about it, because if you break the strips or cut the frame, you can violate not only the external wall cladding of the house, but also the walls themselves.

We advise you to think about how the floor of the veranda will be removed. Most often, it consists of a boardwalk nailed or bolted to the logs. Here it is advisable to remove the fasteners from the lag after the first board. Sticking out old nails, screws and screws are the main cause of injury during such work.

It is not necessary to remove the wooden floor with a hammer or nail gun, for this it is enough to use a crowbar or just a sharpened metal rod as a lever.

Dismantling the country shower

A country shower is the simplest suburban building, for many even without a foundation and a reinforced frame. But you can’t just take a shower and fill it up, because it is often connected to utilities.

First of all, the water supply is turned off, the pipes are folded and carried out at a distance. Next, the tank is removed, which can still be used in the future. After that, the sewage system is broken and removed, preferably very carefully, so that construction debris does not go further down the pipe, because it can clog the drain.

You should also pay attention to electricity. Often it is simply not in the summer shower, since many use battery-powered LED backlighting. But if there is electricity supply to the building, the electricity should be turned off and the wires removed.

Now everything is simple - dismantling, starting from the outside. We remove the skin, curtain, frame.

Dismantling the country toilet

There are no obstacles in dismantling the old toilet before the construction of a new one, except for cleaning it. Many such structures are connected to the country sewerage and septic tanks, so it is worth being extremely careful here so as not to clog the drain. But if the toilet is of the simplest design, then it is enough to pour a couple of bags of construction debris inside to get rid of unpleasant odors for the duration of the work. Well, then, to demolish the toilet in a convenient way, for example, disassembling it in stages.

If the building is on the foundation, from cinder block or brick, then the application of the methods of disassembling the gazebo or the shower here is not entirely suitable. Yes, you will need to start with doors and windows, as well as roofs and roof structures, but then also properly disassemble the masonry.

How to demolish a fence in the country

For each summer resident, the fencing of the site is seriously different even from the nearest neighbor. This can be a mesh netting on pipes, or maybe a stone fence on a strip foundation. Therefore, you should immediately decide for yourself why the fence is demolished!

If the dismantling of the country fence is necessary because of its dilapidation, and the fence is completely demolished, then you can use heavy equipment. The sections are immediately removed, and the parts that served as the base are removed from the soil with a tractor or loader. If the fence needs to be moved and carefully reinstalled, then there may be problems. It will take a very careful attitude to every detail, especially if the fence is whole, and not sectional.

  • A wooden fence is disassembled by elements. First, the picket fence is dismantled, then the main slats and fence posts;
  • The polycarbonate fence is dismantled starting from the front, when the sections are removed after the fasteners are cut. Further, in the same order;
  • If the fence is stone or brick, it is worth starting to disassemble the fence from top to bottom, gradually removing, immediately cleaning and stacking building blocks.

How to tear down a playground

There may be many reasons for the demolition of playgrounds in the country, but the main one is the unsuitability of structures or cladding. In this case, there is nothing to protect here, except for plastic parts, for example, gutters for children's slides, protective parts of the railing, etc. The rest is demolished to zero and goes into trash or reuse at other sites.

But we recommend that you carefully inspect such structures before demolition, because any playground is once a high-quality and durable construction. And therefore, if the external parts are worn out, which caused the demolition, the internal frame parts can be in pretty good condition.

For example, the same bearing from a wooden beam, metal profile pipes, other parts of the base and frame.

Dismantling a country garage

This building has served for many years, but if it is not a forty-year-old wooden garage, which eventually turned into dust, but a normal building from the same cinder block, it will always be possible to use material from disassembly for future summer cottage construction.

The garage should begin to be disassembled from the inside - be sure to remove the gate, remove the shelves and racks, do not forget about the machines and tools. Further, the roof of the garage, which in most cases is a set of floor slabs. This is where many will have a problem, because you need to use special equipment. After removing the roof, you can begin to disassemble the masonry, clean and store the building material.

We want to warn you right away that this dismantling is quite dangerous. You should not try to roll plates from the roof of the garage on your own, using a jack or levers, and even more so, dismantling the walls so that the ceiling collapses. It is very life threatening!

How to quickly disassemble a barn in the country

If we are talking about an old shed made of wood, then an ax, a crowbar, a crowbar, in some cases, a hacksaw or even a chainsaw, will help to solve the problem. But here, as in any other case of working with wood, it is very important to observe the rules of safe work. Glasses and a bathrobe, a hat and mittens, as well as shoes with thick soles and increased care - this is very necessary, because there will be a bunch of slivers and rusty nails around!

But in the case of dismantling a more modern country shed, which is specifically equipped from the inside and sheathed from the outside, the disassembly method should be changed:

  • First, do the preparation, that is, take out everything you need;
  • Next, remove the entire lining from the inside and outside, remove the insulation and sound insulation;
  • Free the barn from communications;
  • Disassemble the roof and roof frame;
  • And only after that proceed to disassemble the walls of the barn.

As you know, the barn is disassembled in approximately the same way as the rest of the summer cottages, in the reverse order to construction.

How to dismantle a canopy or arch

These structures are the simplest structures, and more often, it is made of metal. They are very similar to each other, and differ only in that the canopy has a coating, and the arch most often does not.

There can only be climbing plants or their debris.

First of all, we remove the branches and the vine, remove completely, maximally clearing each part of the frame from the former greenery. This is necessary in order to prevent unpleasant situations. Already very often when cutting metal, some of its parts break down, and due to the fact that they can be confused by plants, these parts do not fall vertically down, but can acquire movements like a pendulum. This is dangerous!

Any steel frame is disassembled very simply, by cutting with a grinder, starting from top to bottom, facilitating the frame in stages. A slightly different matter occurs if the frame was not initially welded, but twisted.

Then you have to unwind the bolts and nuts. But if the design is very old, then here you will have to use a power tool, because, most likely, everything is already well rusted.

Dismantling a country house

Of course, we did not master absolutely all the summer cottages in order to affect them for dismantling.

But we talked about the most diverse, and we hope that this is enough to understand the stages of the disassembly process.

Now we are starting a phased disassembly of the country house, which is quite difficult. We recommend that you first carry out preparatory work so that under the future ruins there is nothing valuable left. Be careful, there are known cases when safes, previously built into the walls, were found under construction debris!

We dismantle the windows of the country house

Here we need to be careful, since any window is a frame and glass. Sashes with glasses are immediately removed, and only then, through work with a crowbar, the window frame is dismantled. In many cases, this can be difficult, since, for example, metal-plastic frames are initially mounted on the anchor. But everything is decided by a grinder, with which the same anchors can be cut off.

We clean the doors in the country house

All doorways should be vacated, perhaps even well in advance, even before the furniture is removed.

Doors can be removed very simply, but you also need to remove platbands and boxes from the openings, suddenly they will come in handy in the country.

We disconnect the house from communications

Before the serious dismantling of the roof and walls, the electricity can not be turned off, as you still need light or power for the tool. But here water, heating, sewage and gas must be “taken out” of the country house. Here you may need the help of specialists and permits, especially when it comes to supplying gas or heating to the house.

The rest is simple - shutdown on the main nodes and neat pruning at the entrances to the building!

Dismantling the interior

Finishing materials often remain indoors, but only if it is plastic, painting on the walls and wallpaper, which is simply unrealistic to remove. But in the event that expensive wooden panels or other materials, for example, were thrown off in the kitchen above the working area, then more accurate work may be necessary so that all materials remain intact.

Dismantling the exterior of the house

Here, as in other buildings in the country, you need to pay attention to the “cake” cladding. This can be a ventilated facade, conventional insulation made of polystyrene foam and plaster, thermal panels. Depending on the material, you yourself will need to determine how to disassemble the facades.

We remove the roof and roof of the house in the country

A country house is no longer a 10-square garage and not a gazebo, where there is practically no roofing material.

There are plenty of tiles, slate or ondulin, and therefore it is worth removing the roof carefully. Firstly, because it may be needed in the future, and secondly, because it can be sold as used and make good money on it.

After dismantling the roof, wind insulation and heat insulation, the waterproofing layer and the inner lining of the attic, you can also disassemble the roof frame of the building.

Dismantling outbuildings at home

We have already talked about the veranda, as an example of the extension, but there may be others - awnings, patios, conservatories, attached balconies, outdoor stairs and more. All this is cleaned in advance, before the start of the basic dismantling work!

Dismantling the walls of the country house

There is an opinion that when one brick or wooden box remains at home, the forces for careful dismantling are already running out. But here you have to think for yourself - quickly collapse the box with heavy equipment, or disassemble the walls brick by brick in order to recoup the costs.

Removing a part of the wall (video)

Earnings on dismantling materials

Indeed, building debris can make good money. For example, you dismantle a country house in order to build a new one in its place or nearby. You can simply give the remaining rubbish to any construction team, which will remove it on their own and leave it to themselves, of course, already for their own earnings. By the way, such an agreement may be from the very beginning of the work - the team visits the site, removes everything that you no longer want to see there, and takes all the construction waste to itself. It often happens that this garbage is just enough to pay.

But if you do the work yourself, and you want to earn money, you will have to carefully stack and sort brick, stone, cinder block into separate piles, throw broken concrete to the side, set doors and windows aside, clean bricks and so on. Perhaps all this will come in handy not even for sale, but for your own needs in the country in the future! An article on the use of country and construction waste is available on our website, the information in it will be useful for every reader.

Tools and special equipment

The simplest work can be done independently, and a hammer, a hacksaw, a puncher, a grinder, a chainsaw, a crowbar come to the rescue. But sometimes you have to act differently, and topple the walls in a short time, without cleaning and preserving the materials. Then it is better to resort to the help of special teams, on the balance of which there is heavy equipment.

Safety when dismantling country buildings

Safety precautions are exactly what saves us from injuries and troubles. It is their constant observance that makes it possible to work calmly and safely. Do not rush, use only working tools and equipment, turn to specialists for help in time, use personal protective equipment, and you can always complete the job without any “adventures”! We recommend asking what you need to know about building on your own site.

Dismantling buildings and structures in the country is a difficult and rather dirty job, and therefore not every summer resident takes it on his own. But if you decide to make your own place in the country and demolish a barn or gazebo, be sure to use our tips!

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