The best ideas for using wooden pallets and pallets in the country

The best ideas for using wooden pallets and pallets in the country

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Wooden pallets, which, incidentally, can be made with your own hands, have the widest purpose. First of all, they have always been used as containers for loaded boxes, packs, building materials, bags with dry mixes and more. That is, exactly as they should. But certain qualities of these products, namely good geometry, strength and durability, led summer residents to believe that they can be used to make platforms, prefabricated objects, fences and furniture.

To date, the use of wood pallets in the summer cottage is fully justified, and therefore the site decided to share with its readers the necessary information on this subject.

How to make a design

Pallets can be of different parameters and purpose, be purchased or home-made. As for the assembly of those with their own hands, it is quite simple. You just need to sketch out a plan with the exact dimensions, take high-quality production material, namely the board and timber, and just fasten everything together according to the established scheme. As you can see, here the issue of acquiring and overpaying is eliminated, since a skilled summer resident will easily make a dozen pallets per day.

Features of wood pallets

Why are these warehouse accessories used so widely in the country? What inspired us to pay attention to the standard wooden product, which has become an element for many practical products.

First of all, this is the cost of the finished product. For production, an inexpensive tree is used, and more often, it is pine. It is rough, without a vivid expression of texture, like expensive wood, but quite strong and durable. In addition, wood lends itself perfectly to processing, due to which the service life can be extended for another period.

Ideas for use in the country

Yes, we did talk several times about pallets and their practicality, but today our topic is more developed, which will give you the opportunity not only to use our ideas, but also to generate your own.

A platform of wooden pallets

The platform can have different purposes, but more often it is used as platforms raised above ground level in those places where there is loose and impassable soil. For example, this is part of the household yard, where water is often collected. The reason for such puddles and pollution can be a high level of groundwater, heavy rains, thawed snow, and therefore scaffolds are built temporarily, but often remain in such a place for a long time.

The platform of pallets is very simple to create. It is necessary to expose a few pieces to cover the desired area, very evenly. You can use wedges, bricks, boards, construction waste for this. Most often, this is exactly what happens - the site is covered with bulk materials, and the main element of production is installed on top.

But there is one important requirement that will ensure safety. This is a single surface, which means that the pallets must be fastened together. This can be done with the help of small wooden planks, which are embedded in the gap between the elements, the seam of the platform. Further, they are simply screwed on with a screwdriver.

Floor in outbuildings

Such a floor is laid in sheds, hangars, cellars, basements, pantries, storages and even farms where animals are kept. It provides dryness of the floor and airing, as well as a minimum of contact with the same cold concrete floor. The only negative is that if the floor is laid in rooms with high humidity, the production material will not last long. If such a floor is installed as an insulating layer so as not to walk on a cold floor, the flooring can last for decades with appropriate care.

There are very few differences with a standard street platform, because wooden pallets are also evenly laid on the surface and connected to each other. The only addition may be an additional floor for certain requirements. For example, such a wooden floor is often laid in winter houses, but so that hens, ducks and other representatives of this class do not fall into the cells, a small steel mesh is laid on top of the floor. In other cases, after strengthening structures on the floor, for example, in cellars or barns with tools, an additional flooring of a wooden board is possible.

Wooden pallets for household needs

We considered many small summer cottages where pallets can play a fundamental role. They are good as a building material for prefabricated frame objects, and therefore to build from them the same woodcutter or rabbitry is quite simple!

The standard geometry of the regular shapes makes the pallets very comfortable to use. From them you can assemble a square or rectangular structure of the desired height and area, you just have to correctly determine the loads and the number of supports. Therefore, in economic construction, these wooden products are used more often.

A kennel for a beloved dog, a pen for a small bird, a stall for larger animals - all this can be done from the mentioned structures.

It is worth recalling such constructions as compost heaps, where a cube knocked down from such elements will become the best closed storage. This is a durable and ventilated place, in which it is convenient to load various wastes, and to get homemade fertilizers of excellent quality for the garden, vegetable garden, greenhouses and flower beds from it.

Country fences from pallets

A huge number of fences and all kinds of fences have been reviewed by us on the site in recent years. Frame, brick, metal and plastic, polycarbonate and even wheels, decorative wooden and forged fences, stone and concrete fences, simple and cute, as well as with maximum security. All of them are painted by us from and to, or rather, from production to installation. But there is another interesting type of fencing, which we would like to call very simply - economic.

In the country, it often happens like this - you need to do something, but there is no time and money. This is understandable, because there are always more necessary purchases than the same fence separating the household yard, or even the garden from the palisade. But there is also a solution - a fence made of pallets.

Do not think that this is an old-village and inconspicuous option, which neighbors and relatives will laugh at. Previously, we believed that a wicker fence in the country is not the best. And having examined the original examples, they immediately changed their minds. Now we know for sure that the fence of wooden pallets can be very successful.

What is needed for this? Only the main element of production, a rack of pipes or rods, a correctly marked installation line, and a little paint or varnish to bring our fence to mind. Simple, attractive and for many years to come ... exactly what you need today!

Crafts from pallets in landscaping

It is difficult to imagine the wooden structures of this plan in the landscape, where we have a beautiful arbor, an alpine hill, and maybe even a small reservoir with lilies or fish. But before, we never thought about gabions, which today are firmly settled in summer cottages. A composition of metal and stone can create an original and attractive look, and wooden pallets are not suitable for this? Of course not! We can easily fit these products into the landscape, however, depending on which side.

We suggest starting with a simple, for example, building support walls for landscaping. Vertical structures will be an excellent basis for hanging plants in pots and containers, especially since it will be very simple to attach such containers to a tree. Further, you can move on to frame objects, on which, with the help of auxiliary materials, you can create a simple, but very high-quality design. Bridges from pallets, paths in the garden, flowering retaining walls and much, much more.

Country furniture from pallets

We set up country furniture and created quite a lot, soft and hard, wooden and combined. But the time has come to pay attention when choosing furniture to wooden pallets, which can become an excellent basis for the production of so-called cabinet furniture.

The basis of armchairs, sofas, benches is easily created from pallets, it remains only to sew or order pillows in the studio, which can be fixed on it. As a result of minimal labor and financial investments, each summer resident can get quite practical and original furniture for the street and home, install it in the gazebo, patio, in the recreation area or just under a canopy.

Crafts for giving from pallets (video)

What else can be done from pallets

In fact, we have several dozen ideas, and if you think about it well, we can easily get to hundreds. But we will present only some of them to you and very briefly, in order to leave a place for your own fantasies at your dacha.

So, a list of country crafts from wooden pallets:

  • Shoe rack. We install the element vertically, paint it in one of the main colors of the hallway, and it already serves as a rack or stand for shoes;
  • Hanger. We cut the pallet lengthwise into three parts, and each of them is already ready to become a hanger. Just a few hooks for clothes, as well as fixing the entire structure to the wall, and the hanger is ready;
  • Rolling table. Using just a few pallets, a wooden beam and four wheels, you can make a do-it-yourself little table for the relaxation area of ​​the veranda and terrace. You can use this as a magazine, depending on the size and height;
  • The utility wall in the garage. By installing pallets vertically to the wall, and qualitatively strengthening them, you can hang all the tools and small summer cottages on the boards so that it does not have to be searched for a long time each time in the country;
  • Vertical garden. We have talked many times about the practicality of vertical flower beds and beds in places of rest and cooking. On their area, you can grow herbs and spices, and pluck these products directly during lunch. So, racks for similar accessories can be made from all the same pallets.

In addition, the mentioned material can be used to decorate flower beds, when the product is simply laid on the soil, and the plants peek out from the gaps, to produce sun loungers in recreation areas, shelves for wine and dishes, the base for fixing lamps and lamps on the street and in the house. It’s also good to make a summer cart, a rack for bicycles from pallets, organize a children's sandbox out of them, or even build a small house for the games of the smallest.

As you see, the ideas do not end there, and therefore we are waiting for your opinion on these crafts in the comments, where we would also like to receive instructions for the production of some products that you personally invented.

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