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Will the wire withstand electrical stress?

Will the wire withstand electrical stress?

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Electricians, I need your help! We have wiring to the boxes made of copper wire 4 mm². A wire of 2.5 mm² goes to the sockets, and 1.5 mm² to the lamps. The kitchen has a microwave and electric kettle, but we plan to install a boiler of 50 liters. Will this wiring withstand the load? Do I need to stretch some extra wire? If so, where to pull it from? From the box or from the switchboard itself?


Personally, I also have a wire with a cross section of 4 mm2 in my country house, but I often turn on the fireplace and wire 3 mm2 separately for one socket, probably anyone will have enough, but do not spare the boiler, it will be more expensive to remake the fused wiring, plus another wallpaper to re-glue. Also put the bags, on the boiler, let the C grade from the main wire, this is definitely enough.

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