Do-it-yourself beautiful bird drinker

Do-it-yourself beautiful bird drinker

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Decorating the landscape of a summer residence can be not only interesting, original and attractive, but also quite useful. Today we will tell each reader of the site that how to make a do-it-yourself drinker for birds, and at the same time create a real masterpiece!

In fact, many expect something extremely elementary from the article, such as a drinker from a plastic bottle, but today we are more interested in another product that we will have to work on a little more. Naturally, it will be inexpensive, because if we wanted to buy something like that, we would just turn to the store of original figures and objects for the garden.

So, be careful, because the next few paragraphs will tell you how to make an original bird drinker with your own hands.

Materials for creating a drinking bowl

We start with the choice of materials, and immediately rush to reassure all summer residents, since we only need cement, water, sand, paint, a thin plastic film, a piece of an old pipe and a sheet of rhubarb or burdock.

Of the tools, only a grinder is useful, rubber gloves and a paint brush are also needed.

How to make a drinker for birds yourself

Everything is very simple with us, and we are not going to burden you with too complicated “recipes”, since there is an elementary and accessible for every summer resident, and he is already in front of you. Our drinking bowl will be made of cement mortar, concrete, which we have repeatedly prepared during construction in the country.

Drink preparation

  • Initially, we need to find a piece of plywood or particleboard on which we can work. It can be old material used earlier, if only it would be even.
  • In addition, you need to mix the cement mortar, and make it a creamy consistency. Try to mix the solution well so that it does not have lumps or undissolved material, which will negatively affect the quality of the product.
  • Further, actions with a piece of an old pipe, or rather, with two pieces of different diameters. We deepen a piece of pipe of larger diameter into the soil at the place of installation of the drinker, by about 30 cm, leaving 20-40 cm of pipe above the surface. From a piece of pipe of a smaller diameter, we cut off a small piece of grinder, about 5-8 cm.

Making a concrete drinker

On the found plane we lay a polyethylene oilcloth or a layer of paper so as not to smear the wood and not spoil it. After that, pour a small hill of sand and stretch it in the shape of a rhubarb leaf, which we need for shaping. Now we lay a plastic film on the sand, and on top of it a rhubarb sheet, and level everything, bringing the drinkers into the necessary shape.

When the preparation is finished, you can fill our mold with cement. It should be poured onto the mold in an even layer and laid out with your fingers along the rim of the rhubarb leaf.

Now it remains only to wait about a day to get a draft version of the drinker.

We still have an unresolved issue with a small piece of pipe, which we cut off with a grinder. So, we need it in order to seal it in cement during pouring and molding. Thus, you can get a drinker on a small leg, with which you can install the craft on the first pipe, which we talked about earlier. In addition, strengthening the drinking bowl is an interesting idea, which can be done by laying the cement mortar with the mounting grid and sealing it tightly into the material.

Decorative finish homemade drinking bowl

A gray and rough concrete drinking bowl doesn’t look very interesting, and the aesthetics of the garden can easily be spoiled if installed without finishing. Therefore, we propose to take the simplest measures that will help not only protect the material of our work, but also significantly change its external data.

You can polish the drinker a little, paint it with different colors or in a single color, cover the top and bottom of the craft with multi-colored paints, give it a shade of a sheet or the main color of your landscape.

Here is expanse for your imagination, however, remember that paints for drinking bowls should be selected non-toxic so as not to scare away the birds and not to poison them with decay products.

The simplest do-it-yourself drinker for birds

Today we learned how to make decorative decorative drinking bowls for to decorate them and how to install in the garden for greater sustainability. In the near future we promise you a lot of interesting materials, and therefore we recommend that you carefully monitor the update of information on the site! We recommend that you learn how to build an aviary for birds.

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